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Being raised in a brewing house was fun, exciting, and intoxicating. I remember when I was six; my father gave me my first draft of his home brewed ale. It was tangy and sweet and left an aftertaste of honey. I fell in love with that ale. Years later when I joined Starfleet, I would receive a case of it every month. Sometimes I shared but most I kept it all for me.

Now Starfleet was fun. I learned to fly and discovered I was good. Not just good but great. I preferred to drop the computer controls and use the stick. My instructors pushed me to the limits but noted I lacked diplomatic skills. They sent me as a cultural exchange student to Vulcan and there I discovered the joys of Prana Bindu. They taught me to control my body, breathing, muscles, and even thoughts.

During my time on Vulcan, I was asked to mind meld with Joho T’brona. Joho was a Vulcan police officer that was teaching people how to protect themselves from mental intrusion. He said my mind was like an open book and that I had best avoid telepaths. I have made it my mission in life to do just that. I think I may even be afraid of them.

While on Vulcan I applied to the Space Camp on Trill. I never expected to get accepted but I was. Four years of intense flight training left me chomping at the bit for a real dogfight. I soon got my wish. The Dominion War began and I was shipped off to fight on the Cardassian Front. I was recorded as an Ace after my first battle and by the end of the war, I had accounted for more confirmed kills than anyone in my company.

With the war over I resigned and went back to Andoria. I returned to my family and helped dad with the brewing. I also spent alot of time in the bars we delivered to. When I heard that the Empire had attacked Terra, I knew my time of peace was at an end.

I contacted General Voss and enlisted in the Chaka Force. Before I had even been accepted, Andoria was hit. Our losses were incredible and every Andorian that was able to fight enlisted in one military or another. The Chaka Force sent me to fight the 91st Recon fleet under Admiral Thrawn.

We lost more battles than we won but I always came out smelling like roses. I accounted for many more kills and soon lost count. I never thought I could lose count of my kills but somewhere along the way it stopped mattering to me. We won the war and I went back to being a civilian. I decided to see the universe and started wandering about. Eventually I ended up here and you will share the story from this point. So where are we off to?

Thanos Endilev

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