Thane Krios


Drell Male


Thane, like most Drell, grew on the Hanar world of Hahje. He doesn’t remember what he wanted to be as a child, but he knows it couldn’t have been what he’s become – a gun-for-hire and sometimes assassin. He had always wanted to travel, and now he does, moving from job to job and staying ahead of his pursuers.

One of the more recent jobs he took was for a Ferengi company – they’d wanted him to ‘remove’ an obstacle for them, the CEO of a rival company. The job went smooth, but the payment didn’t. The Ferengi set him up and had a couple of Klingon assassins waiting for him when he showed up to get paid. Lucky for Thane, he’d already placed a few cameras at the site and saw what was waiting for him. He used his other prepared surprises, and the Klingon Empire lost two more of her sons that day. Of course, the Ferengi informed their House who had done the deed, and a blood hunt was declared on Thane.

Thane keeps on the move, trying not to get too settled in any one place for long. He doesn’t spend time around Klingons (he never has understood how to read their clan markings), and he’s thinking about heading back to Citadel Station.

He met Jacen Daasa about three years ago, while making his way to Risa for a job. The two of them were at the same museum, and started talking about a particular sculpture. They’d hit it off and were in the midst of a discussion when the three Klingons attacked. Surprisingly, the Human stood by Thane, and together the fought off the attackers. Thane and Jacen managed to get away before the cops showed. Thanking him for the assist, Thane departed, but hasn’t forgotten the act. Good to see there’s some good guys left in the ’verse.

Thane Krios

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