Tanda Naaszo


Mirialan Female
Jedi Sentinel

Dead rip


Tanda is a Jedi knight with a personal grudge against the bounty hunter, Jojo Nor. She is usually found in the company of her friends, Mission Vao and Sela Vitur.

Episode 3

She was discovered in the Thieve’s Market, in the clutches of Baleer the slaver. Jacen freed her after purchasing her, and gave her one of his sabers. She disappeared shortly before the AK attack on the Vulcan, and her whereabouts are currently unknown, though it’s unlikely that she left the city.

Episode 4

News seems to indicate that Tanda has headed into the Undermaze. Whether that’s to escape the fighting or if it’s to investigate whatever she’s heard at the Vulcan is yet unknown. Hopefully, we’ll be able to catch up to her before she gets herself into trouble she can’t get herself out of.

Episode 5

Tanda traveled with the party into the Undermaze, where she was killed in an ambush by unknown aggressors. She will be missed.


Tanda Naaszo

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