Tal Shuresh


Romulan Male
Fringer/Romulan Star Empire

Chop off his legs at the knee and toss him outside of the wall

All snitches are worthy of only one thing, the gallows

Have you met my good friend Gunner?


A man you never want to cross; Shuresh is an imposing Romulan with a nasty reputation. Sentenced to the Denchar Penal Colony for war crimes so serious that the Romulan Empire felt the need to remove him from society. Shuresh always travels with several bodyguards and his right-hand man Gunner Simmons.

Shuresh has a fascination with 19th century America, more specifically the Old West. He has enacted laws in Xebec’s Demise that follow many of the unspoken rules he learned watching Clint Eastwood and the Duke.

Episode 3

He has sent the Sheriff, a cowardly explosive, and his right-hand man, Gunner, to deal with us – all have resulted in failure. Still, Tal Shuresh is a careful man, and one who we should not underestimate. He still has a sizeable force under his command, and his rise to power included neither the Sheriff nor Gunner. We need to be on constant alert for his next action against us.

Tal Shuresh

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