T-Series Technical/Maintenance Droid


T3-M8 was brought through the wormhole long ago, by a master long dead. He has traveled throughout the galaxy, though primarily the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, serving various masters in several capacities. He wound up on Denchar when the Romulans caught his last master attempting to break into a military facility. The master was sentenced to the penal colony, and his droid was sent with him.

Though his master was killed shortly after arriving on Dnechar, T3-M8 is mostly ignored by the denizens. Some have tried to scrap him, but his internal weaponry has kept most of those at bay, at least long enough for the droid to make his escape. The AK’s had taken an interest in him at one point – Tal Shuresh had thought to use the droid’s capabilities to effect an escape, but without a communication system, T3-M8’s capabilities is somewhat limited. Shuresh has told his gang to keep the droid intact, against the chance for a future escape attempt becoming possible.

T3-M8’s most recent activities included searching the sewers for any active technology that he can use to escape this planet. Most of the creatures down there ignore him, as he isn’t digestible by them. One creature, however, had jammed the little droid into a crevasse in a wall, where he was stuck until a Human came along and got him free. T3-M8 has stayed near the Human since, calculating that his odds of escaping the planet are greater with this organic and his friends than they are if he continues to act alone.

Episode 5

T3-M8 was taken by the crew to help them with the repairs on the Fearless. Afterwards, he was welcomed aboard as they escaped from the penal colony.

Episode 6

T3-M8 decided to stay on with the crew after Commerce 01, and has become the main engineer aboard the Heart o’ Gold. He still hasn’t decided whether he’ll stay on for the long journey, but for now is satisfied to be doing what he’s best programmed for – taking care of a starship.

Episode 7

This little guy is starting to fit in well with the crew, and has been indispensible during the refit and repairs of the Heart o’ Gold.

Episode 9

T3-M8 continues to stay with the crew. Though disapponted at Karr’s return to the Chief Engineer position, this little droid happily continues his duties aboard the Heart o’ Gold.


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