Sylas Munsar


Bolian Male


The former Starfleet Captain was sentenced to Denchar for espionage. He is known more for his scientific achievements more than anything else. His research into genetic manipulation for the development of PSI potential led the field for more than a decade. His research into the Jason Virus nearly ended his career but the results he had achieved impressed Starfleet so much that they overlooked his unorthodox techniques.

His ship, the USS Akshar, was the diplomatic vessel used to bring Ambassador Vader to Earth to meet with the UFP President. Following that mission, Munsar’s XO turned him into Starfleet Intelligence. Following a short trial, Munsar was sentenced to Denchar for life. Munsar claimed innocence and still does.

He has spent his time on Denchar well, establishing himself as a merchant selling luxuries to the inmates. No one knows where he acquires these luxuries but he always seems to have new or almost-new items that have been imported from somewhere offworld. He has used his wealth to amass a small army of about 200 soldiers. What he plans to do with his army is anyone’s guess.

The word on the streets is that he holds an undying hatred of the Empire as well as any who follow the Jedi cult. On the other hand, the word is also that he’s hiring Jedi and people with powers to do some kind of job for him. Whatever the truth, Smart Doboes are staying clear.

Sylas Munsar

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