Vulcan Male


Sokketh is a Vulcan with long ties to Starfleet and the Vulcan Science Directorate. He grew up the child of two Starfleet officers, traveling from planet to planet. As a young student, he developed an interest in ancient cultures, and noted similarities in the ancient stories of many cultures found throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Though currently serving as the head of the P’Jem Monastery, Sokketh has also been a diplomat for Vulcan on at least one occassion.

WHen Jacen Daasa and his padawan, Satele Keto, came to P’Jem, Sokketh allowed them to stay and partake of the natural surroundings, provided the routine of the Monastery went undisturbed. Over the two years that the two Humans were there, Sokketh grew to like Daasa, who had a surprising understanding of logic for such an emotional being.

After Satele left the planet to explore the galaxy on her own, Sokketh and Jacen struck up a teacher-student relationship of their own, though it is probable that both of them benefited from the relationship.


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