Shalo Rix


Nautolan Male


Shalo is the captain and owner of the free trader, the Freerunner. He and his crew had been working the Outer Rim, with the occasional run to Hutt Space and Nar Shadaa, for several years when Jacen Daasa, a Jedi, hired Shalo for passage to Kashyyyk. Along the way, something happened, and the Freerunner was knocked into a wormhole by the sudden appearance of a strange ship.

When they emerged and finally got their bearings, Shalo decided to do the one thing he’d always been good at – smuggling. The crew spent a few years drifting around the Uncharted Territories and Citadel Space. Endac eventually left, but Feena, Jannik, and Jocasta still fly with him.

Shalo’s saved some money and is considering retiring, but he loves the life too much, still. He’ll figure it out eventually – in the mean time, he’ll just keep flying.

Shalo Rix

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