Seth Baskalar


Human Male


Seth is just a bad man – he’s been on the wrong side of the law most of his career. During the Maquis Resistance, he took Letters of Marque from the Cardassians, and enslaved any survivors from his battles. During the Empire War, most of his time was spent scavenging the remnants of ships destroyed in battle, or selling medicine and supplies to needy colonies at an incredibly inflated price. He’s been a smuggler, criminal, pirate, and slaver.

He ran across Jacen Daasa and the rest of the Freerunner crew on Citadel Station. He made some advances toward Jacen’s student, Satele, and though she rebuffed him, Seth was never one to accept no for an answer. A brawl ensued – Seth lost.

He’s since made it his goal to put a collar on Jacen Daasa’s young student; and, if possible, he’ll make sure Daasa is there to witness it before he sells the Jedi to the Imperials.

Seth Baskalar

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