Sen-Udo Mal


Cerean Male
Jedi Guardian
Jedi Order


Jedi Knight Sen-Udo Mal was the Jedi that took Jacen Daasa as his padawan. His primary duties outside of training his padawan included the policing of the homesteads on Dantooine, a task he thoroughly enjoyed.

When Revan and Malak disobeyed the Council and went to war against the Mandalorians, Sen-Udo Mal joined them, taking his young Padawan with him to the war. Though eventually victorious, upon return, Sen-Udo Mal was reprimanded by the Council and denied his promotion to the rank of Master.

After the war, Sen-Udo Mal continued to provide security for the Republic, using his skills to track down pirates and patrolling the distant frontiers. He has not been seen since the Sith Civil War in the years after the Mandalorian Wars.

Sen-Udo Mal

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