Klingon Holostar


Klingon Female
Courtesan/Porn Actress


Savana is the hottest holo-porn star in the market. She also frequents high class brothels to earn huge payouts as a guest courtesan. She learned her trade studying at the House of Venus under Galaxina. She visits her frequently as the two have established a mentor and student relationship with benefits.

Her popularity comes from her lack of inhibitions to race, gender, or preference. The only things that she does not allow are excrement of any kind and anything beyond superficial damage. Beyond that, she is pretty much open to anything.

She enjoys being slapped around a bit; and being a Klingon, she is quite durable. Their are many men that pay her exceptionally well to take out their frustrations on her. She is a violent rape fantasy specialist.

NOTE: When it comes to this form of entertainment, she always chooses her clients carefully, maintains a bodyguard that watches discretely, and has a medical hologram ready to receive her if things get out of hand. She is also trained in hand-to-hand and has a tazer implant in her right hand. To date, she has only needed her bodyguard twice and the medical hologram once.


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