Satele Keto


Human Female
Jedi Sentinel/Dissident
Jedi Order/Fringer

“I don’t plead with fools. You are puppets of a tradition pretending to be important. Your Federation of Planets is an empty, self-indulgent diversion…signifying nothing. The exposure of your corruption will turn all of your supposed accomplishments to dust!”

“Getting my teeth pulled was more enjoyable than kissing you”


Satele was born on Alderaan, and it was one of her happiest days to be chosen for the Jedi Order. She practiced and trained hard as an Initiate, and when Master Daasa chose her to be his Padawan, she almost danced for joy. Master Daasa was a quiet but effective teacher. He liked to explore ancient ruins, but kept up with her training regardless of their other activities.

When the wormhole brought them to this new part of the galaxy, she became a smuggler along with Master Daasa and the rest of the crew. Some of their activities were somewhat less than legal, though the crew never did anything really evil. Eventually though, Jacen and she departed the Freerunner for a monastery on P’Jem. There, Master Jacen reapplied himself to training her in the ways of the Jedi, and a short year later, she passed her trials and became a Jedi Knight.

Though saddened to leave Jacen, they agreed that she should make her own way in the galaxy for a while. She traveled for a while, hearing news of the Empire and the Federation. When the Anti-Jedi laws were passed, Satele knew the Dark Side was growing stronger. Eventually, she heard that Jacen had been captured by the Federation and was being sent to a penal colony somewhere in Romulan space. She attempted to find and rescue him, but circumstances caused her to fail.

She has since become a dissident, attempting to change the Federation policies. She’s constantly on the move, staying ahead of the authorities she knows are out there looking for her, and others like her.

Episode 6

Jacen thinks he managed to contact her via the Force while the group was en route to DS9. He asked her to contact him at the station, so he plans to wait a few days to see if she does.

Episode 7

Jacen received a more tangible communique from Satele, warning him to stay away from Betazed. She gave him a secure protocol to use for future communications, one based on his time during the Mandalorian Wars. Unfortunately, the crew has been delayed by the diplomatic summit aboard DS9, which gives Starfleet more time to hunt her down.

Episode 9

The crew managed to successfully rescue Satele and her friend Juneau from Admiral Yore’s flagship, the USS Iriquois. Happily reunited with Jacen, she nonetheless has decided to continue her rebellion against the growing tyranny of the Federation.

Satele Keto

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