Salma Hayek


Betazoid Female
Private Investigator


Owner of Citadel Investigations she was once a Captain in Starfleet. She is renowned for her love of being a spectator at fighting events and has recently begun a Fight Club on the station. Monthly tournaments are a major crowd pleaser.

Episode 9

The lovely Salma was reacquainted with Karr upon the crew’s second arrival at Citadel. He introduced her to the rest of crew, and she helped Jacen get Honi Xetan out of trouble with Citadel Security.

To Karr’s delight, she’s still raising the praxis cats he’d collected on his treasure hunt years ago.

Episode 28

While negotiating a contract with Klingon House Duros and House Martok, Salma and her friends, Lucy, Jane, Pixie, Duma, Trina, and Syn; where attacked by Karr, Alyr, Matt, and Thuku. What started out as a misguided rescue of Salma, turned into a bloodbath. All of Salma’s friends where brutilly shot down and only Lucy survived the attack. Several bands of Klingon warriors attempted to save Salma and many of them died as well.

After awaking on the Nyalarthotep, Salma had no memory of what happened. Being an investigator, she launched into Nancy Drew mode and discovered some of the events that put her on Thanos’s ship. She departed the Nyalarthotep on Drozana station and was later reported as missing.

Salma Hayek

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