Chiss Female
Mercenary/Force Adept

“I warned you not to frak around. Now pick up your dick and eat it, or shall I remove your other head”


Rovi is related to Admiral Thrawn, and was raised to be the perfect agent for the Chiss Unity. Unfortunately for the Admiral, Rovi’s exposure to other ideas caused her to become dissatisfied with her determined course. To that end, on one mission she decided to head out and make her own way in the galaxy.

Admiral Thrawn has put a bounty on her head – to be returned alive – so that he can determine what failure caused her to shirk her duty and to bring her back to the fold. Failing that, of course, she will have to be eliminated.

Rovi is currently working for Abul Nuquad as a trouble shooter. Her skills make her quite desirable as an employee. The merchant thinks she is a Jedi – a mistake she has decided to capitalize on to increase her pay. She has been trained to use a lightsaber and is skilled in the ways of the Force – traits her uncle thought might come in handy should it prove necessary to eliminate Vader.

Recently, after being asked to find a particular female by Nuquad, her visions have included a Human male that also wields the Force and a lightsaber. She doesn’t know what the Force has in store for them all, but she is intent on meeting her fate head on.


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