Riyo Chuchi


Pantoran (Near-Human) Female
Galactic Republic


Riyo Chuchi is a politician who has become a member of the Rebel Alliance fighting against Palpatine’s rule. She met and befriended Ahsoka Tano long ago, and was instrumental in bringing her friend into the Rebellion.

Riyo favors diplomacy over brute force, but has learned that sometimes (rarely) action is needed more than words. To that end, she has had to learn some of the more martial skills she now has, but will usually try to use diplomacy over action in most circumstances.

She traveled through the wormhole to the Federation with her friend Ahsoka, and managed to escape the Ferengi raiders that captured the Togruta. Since then, she’s been following every lead she can to rescue her friend from slavery. Her latest tip has led her to Jhargren Dhal, a known slaver. She feels the distance closing, and thinks her hunt will soon come to an end.

Riyo Chuchi

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