Rade Endac


Arkanian Offshoot Male


Rade Endac was born to be an Arkanian assassin – his genetics had been bred for it. However, a Mandalorian attack on the outpost he’d been living in gave him the opportunity to escape and make his own life. He hired on to Shalo Rix’s crew as a gun for hire, and spent a few years happy in the companionship of the crew. Until that damned Jedi showed up with his tralk in tow – Daasa just swept in and the females of the crew just forgot that Rade even existed. Then that wormhole accident happened and suddenly they were being braced by a couple of warships! Only Rade’s quick thinking got the Freerunner out of danger, but the rest of the group blamed him for getting them lost in the Uncharted Territories.

As soon as he’d earned enough money to leave, Rade did so. He spent a few years working as a mercenary for the new Empire, primarily as a collaborator. He’d join a rebel cell and then make certain the Imperials knew the rebel plans. When the Empire War was over, Rade took to traveling the Federation. He never forgot Daasa though, nor did he ever forgive him for ruining his life. He’d kept tabs on the Jedi when he could, and it was only by luck that he happened to have seen Daasa earlier in the day when FIPA arrested Rade in a spice sting. He happily informed the security detail of the location of the Jedi in exchange for his own release.

Rade is currently looking to hire on to an Orion Syndicate in the role of strongarm or assassin. He figure’s that’s the quickest way to make some money.

Rade Endac

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