Ra'Ta Shadeer


Reman Male


Ra’Ta Shadeer is a Reman who served in the Dominion War as a mercenary, and then turned to piracy and illegal war salvaging. Sentenced a decade ago to the Denchar Penal Colony, he has fought and clawed his way to a position of respect in the prison community.

He runs Der Rathskellar, a bar and eating establishment in the small, controlled portion of the Xebec sewers. Since it’s an underground establishment in sewers overrun with dangerous lifeforms, he tends to employ the larger, meaner species for protection, including Nausicaans, Klingons, and the occasional Gamorrean. He also ensures that Der Rathskellar always has highly skilled entertainers, to entice more customers from the above-ground city.

Episode 5

Although Jacen tried to bring Ra’ta with them during their escape, he decided to remain behind and maintain his subterranean kingdom.

Ra'Ta Shadeer

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