Ferengi Alliance
Merchant/Bar Tender

Quark’s Bar

Rivals since the day they arrived on Terrok Nor, Quark and Tarak are also good friends. They always try to out do each other and the fact that they are both from Ferengar just tightens the bond between them. During the Occupation of Bajor the two of them would often try to under price each other for weapons and explosives.

Episode 6

Quark is an acquaintance of most of the group. After a brief visit with him upon their arrival, Jacen managed to get him out of trouble when an irate free trader, Mina, showed up looking for compensation. He has a few days to make good on his deal, or the fiery Twi’lek will be back looking to make things even.

Episode 7

Quark’s Bar was the location of the Klingon assault upon the crew. Quark semed somewhat underwhelmed at the damage caused during the brawl, and that makes one wonder what he might have known before the fight started. Also, his debt to Mina seemes to have been cleared, to the point where he indicated to Jacen that she now owed Quark. There seems to be some skulduggery afoot.


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