Alyr Torin

Space Scoundrel and Playboy

Alyr body Alyr out
Combat Mode Party Mode

“I don’t steal from people who can’t afford it, and I don’t hurt people who don’t deserve it.”

“Don’t put up what you can’t lose.”

“I can get whatever you need. But it’s gonna’ cost ya’.”

“I enjoy the finer things in life. Unfortunately you’re not one of them.”

“Power abhors a vacuum.”


Type Location Amount
Latinum Brick (¤10,000,000) Shadow Repository 3
Latinum Bar (¤20,000) House of Venus 500
Latinum Bar (¤20,000) Starlight 250
Latinum Bar (¤20,000) Heart of Gold 230
Latinum Bar (¤20,000) On Person 2


Gear Location Notes
Clothes Worn Tactical Material (3/3/3), Jacket,Pants,Boots,Gloves
Regular Clothes Worn Shirt,Under Wear,Socks
Comfortable Clothes Room Spaced: Need to replace!
Stylish Clothing Room Spaced: Need to replace!
Forensic Cleaners Room Spaced: Need to replace!
Force Screen Module Worn – Tactical Belt Protection 100
Quick Draw Holsters (3) Worn – Tactical Belt +1 Quick Draw – 3rd is in rear for hold-out weapon
Romulan Disrupters (2) Quick Draw Holsters Master Craft, Special Settings: Rapid Fire, Ricochet
Hold-Out Romulan Disrupter Quick Draw Holster Master Craft (Place holder – don’t have yet)
Quiver Sword Back Sheath Quick release for easy comfort when sitting
PADD Jacket Pocket Digitool

Name Alyr “Cutter” Torin
Race Furian
Career Overlay Pirate: Smuggler Yarrr!
Childhood Influences Magi 2347 Birth – Learned from Mother
Adolescent Years Slave Pits 2359 Owned by an Andorian Couple
Background 1 Con Artist Apprentice Andorian Master #1
Background 2 Dueling Student 2365 Andorian Master #2
Tour of Duty 1 Big Con 2369 Selling bogus claims to belters
Tour of Duty 2 Alien Encounter 2371 Xenomorphs
Tour of Duty 3 Porn Star / Gigolo 2372 No gay films / No male clients
Tour of Duty 4 High Roller 2375 Toured casinos and livin’ large!
Tour of Duty 5 Gunslinger 2376 Gambling in the Uncharted Territory
Tour of Duty 6 School of the Maji 2379 Joined the Syndicate
Tour of Duty 7 War Profiteering 2381 Making money off the Empire War
Tour of Duty 8 Syndicate Corsair 2383 Against the Black Sun
Tour of Duty 9 Pirate – Smuggler 2386 Takes advantage of the Situation
Tour of Duty 10 Denchar Penal Colony 2388 For Smuggling and Human Trafficking
Final Age 43


Relationship Trait Link to Character
Friend Ally 2 Hepzibah
Friend Ally 3 Galaxina
Friend Ally 2, Cohort 3 Thuku
Friend Contact 1, Friend Raza Longknife
Friend Contact 2, Friend Cin Silari
Friend Contact 3 Gauto Lan
Acquaintance Contact 0 Starjammers Crew
Enemy Sworn Enemy 3 Zhylaw
Enemy Sworn Enemy 2 Jeto Malta
Enemy Sworn Enemy 1 Tyrone Corago

Lifepath NPC’s:

Relationship Trait Link to Charater
Rival Mar’Duk

Expanded Story NPC’s

Relationship Trait Link to Charater

Aquired NPC’s

Relationship Trait Link to Charater
Friend Patron 2 Jolet

Wish List

People Barty Banks Savana Salma Hayek
Places The Market House of Venus Icefall
Things Furyan Blade Force Screen Belt Starlight

As a child I lived with my parents in a space station called Skywatch that orbited Furya. My father was called Piotr Torin and ran a martial arts academy on the station. My mother was called Val Torin and ran the station’s Bene Gesserit monastery.

Adolescent: Slave Pits
At the age of 12 my parents were killed in the Necromonger attack that wiped out Furya. They destroyed the entire station. I escaped in a supply pod that was thought to be part of the debris. My mother shoved me into it as her last act of love for me. She told me to always use my gift to survive.

I survived in the pod for several days and thought my time was at an end when I was picked up by war salvagers. They basically followed the Necromongers from system to system scavenging through the debris. When they opened the supply pod they were amazed to find me in there still alive. Nearly frozen to death and with an impossibly low level of oxygen, I should have never survived. Thanks to my Furyan physique I was still very capable. Within hours I was up and moving. Realizing how durable I was they decided to sell me to the pit fighting circuit.

I was put into my first bout; a grand melee. These are primarily used to obtain first bidders. They throw up to 8 fighters into a pit. There are no weapons so most survive. Those that do poorly are either sent to the mines or sold for food. Again my Furyan physique (and maybe a little fortune) came to my aid and gave me the edge over the others. I won, and it was this bout where Mar’Duk had his first loss to me.

I fought for years. Won some, lost others, but always managed to survive. I received a mixture of training from many different styles but it was still barbaric brawling at best. My masters were smart and only fought me in human bouts. Had I been in the mixed bouts, I probably would have never survived.

Around the time I turned 15 fortune smiled upon me. A scout was watching a bout of mine and saw how quick and athletic I was and purchased me. He then sold me to the jugger team, The Gnashers. I was taught the ‘Qwik’ position and was used as a relief player for when the starting quick was injured to badly to play. This was a great gig because the starting Qwik was awesome and I rarely had to play. Heck, even when I did, it was more fun than straight up fights. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fighting, there’s just some fun involved as well. Also, as a jugger, you get more rations and you get to bang breeding slaves.

Background 2: Dueling Student
On my 18th birthday I was to be sold as my masters did not compete in the adult circuit. My final game put us up against a team we had never played before, The Warhoons. To my surprise, I was once again pitted against Mar’Duk, an Enforcer. He purposely took out our starting Qwik to force me into the game. After that, it was less about points and more about him trying to kill me.

The game (battle) went long and I was badly injured but we won. I managed to hit Mar’Duk so hard that he was carried off the field. I actually thought him dead but it turned out I would meet him on the battlefield again someday. Impressed with my tenacity and raw physique, I was purchased by an Andorian couple; Tymerik and Kevas.

Tymerik was a master duelist and he gave me top level training me in several Andorian combat arts. No longer was I to fight like an animal; I was being trained to fight like a pro. As such, they used me to run a bit of a scam. Kevas was a master con artist and he always managed to promote me as a long shot. This often meant that I would go against a champion or some alien monstrosity. Tymerik’s training always saw me through and while I was often badly injured, I somehow managed to survive the brutal encounters.

They treated me exceptionally well but never let me forget that I was their property. For four long years I fought in bouts; running the scam. They taught me about the galaxy, fine living, and style. They provided me with exotic mates of my choosing. It was a great life, minus the brutal combat and occasional near death experience of course. I did lose a match from time to time. Fortunately, I survived and my owners saw it as beneficial to keep their investment in working order.

Then everything changed. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of the gangs at a fight decided to shake down the place. We took flight but were not quick enough. Tymerik and the other three slaves were killed. Kevas and I managed to escape as I slaughtered everyone between us and the ship. En route to a safe port he granted me my freedom. Considering my next move, I chose to reveal my maji training to him. I asked if I could travel with him and start up a new con; something less violent.

Tour of Duty 1: Big Con
Kevas continued to teach me the art of the con. Using a combination of standard conman tactics mixed with some charm glamour, we started selling bogus claims to belters. They were so desperate and gullible; we made a killing. It was so easy and even when we got caught it was nothing I couldn’t handle with my disrupter or my blade. We sold bogus claims for years and made a killing.

Tour of Duty 2: Alien Encounter
2371. That is a number that I cannot look at without a cold chill running down my spine. It was the year I quit the business. We were running a major con that went about as south as a con can go. When the dren hit vents everything fell apart.

I don’t care to discuss the details but I lost a dear friend on that venture and the things that transpired have marked me for life.

Tour of Duty 3: Porn Star & Gigolo
I needed an extended vacation to unplug from the universe. So, I naturally went to Risa. Anyone looking to get away from it all and indulge themselves in decadence goes to Risa. Plus, they have some of the best brothels in the galaxy.

The first thing I did was to get my wounds properly treated. The doctor treated me but suggested that I think about some cosmetic work. She said that I would make for a very handsome man if I had some of the unsightly scars removed and had my missing and broken teeth fixed. I had plenty of money so I told her to give me the works with no upgrades. I have to say, I never realized I was such a handsome fellow.

I spent an entire month indulging my desires and lounging about. Hell, I even got a tan. It was here that I met Galaxina. We were drinking in the bar one night and just hit it off. A fun bet led to a night in bed which led to several days of wild sexual abandon. We clicked in so many ways that when it was time for her to go she asked me to come. At that moment in time, I would have followed her into a super nova.

Turned out that she was a porn star and she had a movie to film out at some station near a wormhole. Apparently, the director was some connected Bajoran that had secured special rights to film his next big movie by the wormhole and on the federation station.

I actually wound up in the movie as the male lead! It’s a long story but the main actor was a bit of jerk. We were in Quark’s playing Dabo and tearing through Quark’s supply of kanar. Jhargren started giving me some lip. I warned him but he was drunk and arrogant and continued to push my buttons. I popped him in the eye and he scurried out cursing me and holding his face.

That night I had forgotten all about it and went to the room looking for some love. I found Jhargren standing over Xena with his belt in his hand. She was prone on the floor bleeding and begging him to stop. He was still angry with me and figured he’d take it out on her. He must not have realized that Xina and I were staying in the same room. I slapped him around like a bitch and beat him fiercely with his own belt. When I finished with him, he was on the floor covered in blood and welts.

I managed to convince the constable that it was in defense of Xina so he let me go. The director was a little put off but once he got a look at me he was ready to start filming again. Suffice it to say that with my endowments, along with my natural charm, and the director’s uncomfortable admiration for my prowess, I landed the part.

What’s that? Yes, he came on to me.

Anyway, Galaxina was already a big star but this movie, Wormholes, took her over the top. She became the highest paid female porn star in the business. It also catapulted me into stardom. We won the award for best Human-Human-Male-Female scene that year.

It got out that I had been a pit slave and the tabloids went crazy. People ate that dren up. Here I was a real life Zeus, with killer good looks, and a huge schlong. I wasn’t just some pretty boy, I was the real deal. The kind of guy that could knock you, take your woman, and bang her like you wish you could. Every guy wanted to be me and every chick wanted to be with me.

Galaxina and I moved in together. I did a bunch of movies that year and I banged just about every type of humanoid around. Galaxina and I did several more scenes together but nothing major. Her and I had crazy sex parties.

I loved Galaxina but I have to admit, the highlight of that year was banging Salma Hayek. Yep, Ms. Universe herself. She was on a tour with the pageant and we were at some resort together as guests of some convention. We got to drinking and wow what a night! Did you know she has a thing for fighters? Really turns her on. Once she realized who I was, she was all over me. By the time we made it to the bedroom, her panties were drenched. Dude, she came upon insertion and I lost count of the number of times by the end of the evening. I was smitten and wanted to bring her home to Galaxina but she made me swear not to ever tell anyone for fear of ruining her pageant career.

Wonder what she’s doing these days? I heard she was working for those drannits at the Federation.

The next year we went back to the wormhole and shot the sequel, Wormholes 2: The Return of Maximus. We won the award again and were the only pair to ever do this two years in a row. This is for best Human-Human-Male-Female sex scene (with Galaxina). The movie was hailed as one of the most incredible moments in the porn industry. The plot revolved around the Dominion War and one of the key scenes wound up being filmed during an actual battle. And no, that was not planned. Galaxina, the Director, the Camera Woman and I were the only people present during this scene. It’s a bit of a tale all its own but there’s a scene that actually showed me killing several Jem’hadar as we escaped the carnage. The scene was worked into the movie’s story line and was cinema gold; observed even by the mainstream media.

It was a couple months after that I moved out on my own. Galaxina and I were great as friends and we loved to frell but living together just wasn’t working. I stilled loved that woman with all my heart but I just could not live with her (or her with me).

It was about this time that I tapered off from my movies and started spending most of my time satisfying women of means. You see, turned out Galaxina comes from a highly connected family and is a magnificent networker. If she had ever wanted to be a diplomat, she would have been one of the greats. So, I basically let her pimp me out to some very important women. This was way more lucrative and fun than doing movies. Sure the bitches weren’t nearly as hot but the sex was a hundred times better. There’s nothing like banging a chick who really needs it. Like bringing water to man in the desert. And these broads paid me a ton of cash to do it.

I had amassed so much money in those years that I decided to go do something new.

What about the…? Oh, right. Yes, that incident with the senator’s wife might have had something to do with it. Oh, and the tabloids ranking me through the coals. Getting another movie was sketchy at best and I was too hot for any of my clientele to touch. It’s hard to be discrete with a hundred cameras up you drannit every second of the day.

Tour of Duty 4: High Roller
I was itching to get back into the scam business. Frelling chicks for money is cool and all but I really missed the art of the con. Problem was, I didn’t want to step back into the life of violence again. I had gained a taste for the good life and I liked it. So, I traveled around to resorts and observed the rich to see where I could make the most with the least bit of risk.

It was back on Risa and I sort of fell into it. I was spending like crazy and I sat down for a bit of gambling at a table of really high rollers. With the gambling skills I had picked up fighting in the circuit and my fortune and glamour magics I cleaned the table out. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before. Those saps didn’t stand a chance. Man, I made a killing.

That year I travel all over the Alpha Quadrant. Gambling, frelling hot broads, living the celebrity life. The tabloids were back but I was a golden boy again. Everyone loves a comeback. That was a wild year, maybe the best time of my life. Gambling was in my blood to stay and I was best.

Tour of Duty 5: Gunslinger
Confidence is a killer you know? No matter how tight you got your dren, if you’re not 100% on the up and up and get overconfident, you’re going down.

Some anonymous frellwad, probably a Syndicate accountant, started running some sophisticated algorithms and realized that I had to be cheating somehow. So, he put together a video showing how I had to be altering things to work in my favor. It was determined by the gambling committee that I must have been using some form of psionic ability to modify outcomes. They were wrong of course about the psionics but the gig was up and I didn’t want them digging any deeper and find out about what I was really doing. Besides, the Syndicate dosen’t frell around. They didn’t care how I was cheating; only that I was.

They banned me from playing in every casino in the circuit and I was on the dren list of every casino owner across the Alpha Quadrant. I just figured that my gambling career was over but when I had to take out those two enforcers I knew I was frelled. The Syndicate was not happy with all of the money I had cheated them out of and I had to slip into the deep black before they got me. So, I pulled a vanishing act and beat feet into the uncharted territories.

I spent the next two years gambling in dives making what I could to get by. You see, I had made millions but I had also spent millions. During that time you couldn’t give me money faster than I could spend it. I love the good things in life and I’m willing to pay for it.

Anyway, playing in dives for a living is a dangerous way of life. If you’re earning your way by gambling, you have to win, and that doesn’t always go over well with the derelicts you’re playing against. I basically spent the next two years traveling from drenhole to drenhole playing cards and killing whoever couldn’t handle losing. It was always the same story. I’d start working a place and I’d clean most of them out. If I read the town right I knew when to let them win some and when to leave. There were many times that I did not and I lost count of how many people I injured or killed. I did find it surprising how easy it is to take out untrained toughs. Had these been trained fighters I would not have lasted a year.

I had worked my way back to the borders of Romulan space and figured I’d hit up Citadel Station. If I didn’t hang out too long I figured I could just slip in and slip out. I had been there less then a day when I was approached by Cin Silari. I didn’t know it yet but she was a highly connected smuggler for the Syndicate and had remembered me from days gone by. After a night of heavy drinking and heavy breathing I awoke to an empty room. No unusual for a guy like me. I beamed up a nice breakfast, got a shower, and headed out. It was time to blow this station and slink back into the deep black.

As I entered my ship I knew I was frelled. In the cockpit sat Cin, disrupter in hand. In my back two more pressed in. Cin, the two bounty hunters, and myself went to meet a guy called John Gotham.

We talked a bit and I was smart enough to be polite and humble. I wasn’t getting out of this dren and my best hope was to negotiate some sort of deal. Surprisingly, he came right out and asked me and come work for the Syndicate. He, of course, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I did the smartest thing I have ever done in my life; I said “yes”.

You see, the Syndicate hadn’t forgotten about all of that money I took them for and they figured that the best way to recoup was to get me working for them. It was a smart move brother. When it comes to gambling, always bet on me and you’ll come out on top every time.

Tour of Duty 6: Yodrenoni Institute
Cin and I traveled back to Orion space where I was officially brought in. Everyone who joins the Syndicate has their own story and come to the organization in their own way. It’s funny how few of them have a choice. Remember that the next time you judge a Syndicate guy, he may not have had much of a choice.

I was act as a faceman which is basically an enforcer’s babysitter. My job would be to take care of other members and make sure they didn’t get caught doing stupid dren. Enforcers are great at breaking legs in order to get you to pay up but they suck at avoiding the cops while doing it. Plus, with me around, they didn’t have to worry about getting weapons into restricted areas. Once we got there, I would get what they needed. And, if we really needed to get dren inside a secure zone, I was the man that could do it. Plus, if the dren hit the vents, I could scrap with the best of them.

Anyway, my time at the Yoshitoni Institute was not very exciting and I don’t have much to tell about it but it did help reshape my life. I would say that my time there was exceptionally introspective. It would be the last time in my life that I would feel safe and relaxed for extended periods of time.

That said, at the end of my training, I was sent on a mission to escort Jada Pin to send a message to a long overdue deadbeat, Barty Banks. We arrived all sneaky-like. I made sure to pay off the right people and all that but he’s such a genius that he outwitted my best efforts. As we came in his boys jumped us. Jada tore through them boys like they were nothing. I tried to help her but had a hard time keeping up. This bitch was scary mean. She smoked three guys before I was able to get my gun out. When we settled up with Barty, she tortured he poor man mercilessly. I have beat people to death and I have gunned women down in the street but I was not ready for this. Torture is unnerving but with Jada around you get used to it. She’d get you to give up your mother just to put you out of your misery.

On our way back we got news that the Empire had struck their first blow. The The Empire War had started. I didn’t know who these cats were but I would soon find out.

Tour of Duty 7: War Profiteering
The Empire War was surprisingly good for the Syndicate. They made a killing off the Empire’s invasion and more importantly, they got their hands into territories that they never could have before.

Take for example Romulan space. As the Empire tore through Romulan space, the Syndicate was on their heels. The conquered systems they left behind had little in the way of law or protection. The Syndicate swooped in and put key players into positions of power. By the time the Empire was routed out of these areas, the Syndicate was already deeply entrenched. Even when the Empire left occupying troops behind, the Syndicate slipped in and set up shop right under their noses. Many times it was under the guise of “The Resistance”. In reality it was about selling guns, food, and medical supplies and establishing a strong foothold in the Romulan Empire.

So what did I have to do with all of that? Everything brother. The Syndicate decided to change direction with their use for me. My skill set suited me perfectly for dealing with the Romulans. They are the most devious group of individuals I have ever had to deal with. Believe me when I tell you that up until this point my skills at misdirection were elementary. By the time I was reassigned to corsair duty my skills at deception were razor honed.

I traveled mostly with Magren Kormek and Jada Pin and we were only one of the many that cut inroads deep into the Romulan Empire. Damn, did I ever make some cash and for once I was working too hard to spend it all.

As usual, all good things come to an end. It was during a weapon resupply mission to the Romulan resistance that we discovered the Black Sun. What a bunch drenbags!

We were busy doing our thing, making loads of cash, and making the bosses very happy. We touched down on a world that had been thoroughly slammed by the Empire. They had a few small ships in orbit but they were easy to slip by and their ground forces were spread so thin that they were of little concern. We started making our moves and all of a sudden some toughs came on the scene. Races we’d never seen before and they were already setting up shop. Before we knew it we were in a war with a gang we didn’t know anything about. We lost Kormek but were able to snag one of those frellheads before we warped out. Jada went to work on this joker on the way home. By the time we got back to home base he was handing up everything.

Apparently some cats calling themselves the Black Sun had moved into our back yard and were setting up shop. The Syndicate did not take kindly to this so we had a little war of our own.

Tour of Duty 8: Syndicate Corsair
You don’t dren up someone’s backyard and not expect to get some payback. And brother, payback was what we intended to give them. We rolled in full force and slammed those drenheads hard. In the first couple months we managed to kick them out of nearly 20 systems. They were looking like a bad idea put to rest.

Unfortunately, they must have made some deals with the Empire because we started running up against storm troupers and something called sith. The storm troupers weren’t really much of a big deal. Their armor was pretty good and they obeyed orders with amazing dedication but they couldn’t shoot worth a frell. However, these sith cats were bad news. Most of them used these “light sabers” and whoa momma’ they were no joke. Plus, they used some sort of weird dark magic.

Had a run in with one of those dudes and I was lucky to survive the encounter. I’ll tell you all about that later, let me finish this tale before I go off on a tangent.

Where was I… Oh, right, the Black Sun. I was introduced to a fellow who went by the name of Corsair. He had a ship called the Starjammer. He and his crew did mercenary work for the Syndicate. They were known as the Starjammers and had a bit of a rep. The Syndicate offered them a huge retainer and commission for every Black Sun ship they destroyed. They took the deal and I became a part of the crew as the liaison and as the verifier for their commission.

Right, so we were taking out the Black Sun, fighting with Storm Troupers, and avoiding the sith when we were cornered by some cat in a fancy set of storm trouper duds. Never got a name; let’s call him Dick. He had a 91st Reconnaissance Corps insignia, so I knew right away that this was bad news.

Anyway, we had gotten word that a Black Sun deal was going down on one of the moons in the Invidia system. We slipped in and touched down. The Black Sun was there all right; several of the Correlean freighters they like to use were present. There were 20 of them but we had surprise on our side. We ambushed them and they went down quick; too quick. When we moved in to snag their cargo we realized that these were all droids disguised as people. Whoops. “It’s a trap!” ran through mind just as a blaster bolt went sizzling past my head.

A band of elite storm troupers led by Dick poured onto the scene. We fought like mad and lost two of our people in the initial assault. Corsair, Ch’od, and Raza Longknife started to cut a path to the ship while Hepzibah and I covered them. The plan was for the three of them to make it to the ship, beam us out, and punch it into the deep black.

We poured it on but Dick simply had too many boys and managed to pin down Corsair, Ch’od and Raza before they could really get anywhere. We were frelled brother and I mean frelled proper. This cat had his dren wired tight and it wasn’t looking good for yours truly and company.

Now I’m not the hero type but I have my moments. Without warning, I leapt from cover and sprinted right at Dick. Shots whizzed all around me but I was moving fast and the team started pouring it on thick. I took one to the shoulder but I pressed on. Dick took bead but I nailed his blaster causing it to explode. As he dropped, I took out his sergeant with one to the throat. I dove over the box he was using for cover just as one went through my side. Dick and I laid there staring at one another. His arm was missing from the elbow down. His helmet had been blown off and his face was badly burned. He began to stand but was moving slow. I tried but could not move. The hit to my side was bad and I was starting to lose consciousness. He pulled a knife and it was right about then that I blacked out. They told me later that the storm troupers pulled Dick from the battlefield and retreated. As they were pulling back we did the same.

It’s pretty obvious we were set up and theirs a good chance Dick my name. Wonder if he’s guy is still alive? He sure was pissed at me. I bet he’s the type to hold a grudge.

They put me in the infirmary and headed for Risa. When I had recovered fully, word came down that the Empire War was over. They had been pushed back into the Uncharted Territories. Good frelling riddance.

With their Empire support gone, the Black Sun scrambled to make treaties with the Orion Syndicate. Which the Syndicate did. Hell, they had enough trouble managing all of the new territory they had acquired. That, compounded with all the good people they lost in the Secret War, didn’t give the Syndicate much choice. I think we’re going to be sorry but what choice did we have. Besides, the Syndicate had almost doubled it’s territory in six years, that dren was unheard of.

With the war over, I went back to smuggling. I had a new playground and I wanted to make use of it.

Tour of Duty 9: Pirate – Smuggler

I figured it might be a good idea to run spice to the Delta Quadrant. I was intimately familiar with DS9 due to my frequent visits to the House of Venus and I already knew Quark. He and I worked a deal whereby I would run spice to him and he distributed it to his buyers.

This was a gravy job. Quark and I set up a fantastic system to get the spice in right under Odo’s nose. Part of it involved Quark running faux scams to distract Odo from the real money maker. Odo thought he was slick shaking down Quark for petty little dren. Meanwhile, we were running tens of thousands of strips of latinum worth of spice every month through DS9. I was able to avoid notice because of my contact with Galaxina and the House of Venus. Odo thought I was just some ex-porn buddy of Xina’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if the old pervert had checked out my body of work.

As a matter of fact, the only time I ever had any dealings with Odo was the time when an assassin by the name of The Ghost tried to take me out. Quark got wind of the hit and let me know so I was on guard. Fortunately his first shot missed and I was able to return fire and I took him out. Oddly enough, he escaped from the morgue. Must have had some feign death cybernetic or something.

I did this for about two years. On my last visit to DS9 I ran across good old Bary Banks. I have to admit at the time I was shocked to see Jada on his arm but then again Barty is a charming fella’. She told me that they were in love. You know, I don’t understand why, but I was infuriated at the time.

It actually had me so screwed up that I stalked them until I managed to get Jada alone. She confirmed her feelings but told me that something was wrong and that I needed to get out of their as fast as possible. That something about good ‘ol Barty wasn’t right. Just then someone hit me from behind and I blacked out.

When I came to I was in the infirmary. Jada and Barty were at my bedside. Barty said that someone had tried to mug me. One of his boys had come by to find Jada and chased the guy off. Barty made sure I was okay but said that he had to go. He asked if he and Jada could take my ship. I told him it was cool with me and gave him the code. It was the least I could do for him being so nice to me.

I didn’t see Barty or Jada again and after a week I was starting to get worried. Xina said that they had done something to me and that I let them steal my ship but really I don’t think Barty would do such a thing. Besides Jada would never have let him do that to me. Xina was adamant about it and she said that he had done something to me and to one of her girls as well. The girl withdrawn all of her money and left with Barty and Jada on my ship.

She said that Barty was a disgusting pig and couldn’t understand why any hot chick would even touch him. He is kinda gross and not the most agreeable person but I assured her he was actually a really cool dude. She said that I hated the guy and could believe what I was saying. I was so confused; she was right. Just the day before I had been cursing about how he was up no good but somehow I knew I was wrong about him. Barty was an awesome guy.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to put it together. Some Federation drenholes arrived on the station. They started a mandatory medical screening of everyone entering or leaving the station. I put a call into the Fly to see what he knew about all of this. He said that the Federation had passed a bunch of laws and detaining people for a bunch of stuff. The one that caught my ear, the one that they were scanning for, was genetic enhancements. Furyans are leftovers from the eugenics wars and I knew I would throw a red light.

I was frelled. I said goodbye to Xina, got my dren together, and quietly slipped out of the station. I paid off one of the maintenance guys to give me a spacesuit and let me slip out with him to do some routine maintenance. Once outside the station I drifted over to one of the docked ships I knew had to be a syndicate pirating vessel. The pilot was shocked as hell to see me at his airlock but when I held up the latinum bar he cycled the door.

Two of the crew brought me to the captain. Tarak and I weren’t buddies and had only met in passing a few times before but we knew who each other was and there seemed to be a mutual respect.

His first mate Norm Gural and I however, had come to blows a year ago over one of Xina’s girls. I had taught him a lesson for roughing her up and he was not about to let me on the crew. Tarak quickly put him in his place. I was a connected guy after all and a bit of a hero of the Secret War. Plus Tarak could smell money and he just knew I was good at making it.

Over the next couple of months things got hectic. There was some sort of feud between Tarak and Norm over a slave girl who killed herself. Which I’m not buying by-the-way. At about the same time we became victims of our own success. We had hit and pillaged so many ships that everybody wanted a piece of us. Klingons, Romulans, and the Federation were all gunning for us. It happened so fast that not even the Syndicate could bring us in.

It was right about then that the crew started getting restless. I decided to keep an eye on Norm. I know a cooking plot when I see one. I was on my way to warn the captain when I was sidelined by two of the crew. A sharp blow to the head and my old friend blackness came to greet me.

When I awoke, I was on the floor a shuttle. Tarak was shaking me with his foot. He explained that Norm had frelled both of us. We were on a Romulan shuttle headed for lockup.

The rest is pretty simple. High piracy, genetic modifications, suspected force use, countless murders, and so on. The first three alone were enough to get me here.

Tour of Duty 10: Denchar Penal Colony
Tarak, ever the Feringi, chose to represent himself and save the lawyer fees. He knew it was going to be a crucifixion and figured he’d save his money for the day he managed to escape. Had it been a fair trial, he might have managed to get extradited to Feringanar and his trial would have gone much smoother as Feringi law is very different for piracy and slavery. He was sentenced to life on Denchar in one of the shortest trials I have ever seen.

I was next and I took Tarak’s approach. Frell it! They were going to stick it to me as well and I knew it. However, they put me on parade; I was an infamous celebrity after all. They got me for everything and actually made stuff up! As much as we did, it wasn’t bad enough. They threw in some dren that actually pissed me off. We never trafficked in children. Tarak was a bastard but not a frelling bastard. We also never committed cannibalism. Ugh, like I would ever eat a Klingon. I think I would starve first.

I demanded the death penalty but those spineless, pointed eared, drenholes don’t have a death penalty. My sentence was the same as Tarak’s; life on Denchar. At least I’d have a comrade in hell. We were taken from the courtroom to the transport and sent on our way.

I was put in a cell on the transport with a Rodian from that other galaxy. His name was Thuku and he was a Black Sun assassin. He had killed a bunch of Romulan officials that weren’t playing ball with the Black Sun. I didn’t want to like him but he was a really cool dude and in the time it took us to get to Denchar we were becoming pretty good friends. Turns out he’s a porn fanatic and was a huge fan of my work. Back during the Secret War he had turned down the contract that frellwad Tyrone had picked up. It was good to finally find out that it was the Black Sun that had put a contract on me.

When they took us from our cells to be transported, the dumbass Romulan actually put me in faulty restraints. I noticed that one of them wasn’t fastened and I whispered to Thuku to get ready. As we were entering the transporter room I went into motion. I snatched the disrupter from the guard and Thuku kicked him back through the door. I blasted the one at the controls just as he was pulling his weapon. I turned and as the door shut I shot the panel, disabling it. The alarms went crazy. I grabbed the dead operator’s communicator. I also grabbed his disrupter and tossed it to Thuku. I set up a 10 second delay transport. We stepped onto the pads, and beamed down.

It wasn’t much of a plan but I figured if we were going to an unimaginable drenhole, we should at least go armed. And with the communicator, we might stand a chance to get out of there one day. We arrived and Tarak was waiting for us with some cat called T’Shon. Tarak had arranged for me to avoid “The Hunt”. He wanted more money for Thuku but the disrupter in Thuku’s hand quickly changed his mind. Turns out T’Shon can be quite generous with the right incentive. Tarak brought us to a shelter that he and some Klingon had set up. I shut down the communicator so that they couldn’t just beam it (and me) back up.

We sat in the shelter for a couple days and Tarak gave us the lay of the land. We were sitting in the Grinning Vulcan when Tarak came up with a great idea. He said that the owner, Jemma Sentira, was a bit of a gambler. He had seen me play before and watched as I took half of his crew’s earnings on a regular basis. He figured, that we should take her for everything we could get. I told him to do that, I would need some money to lose. I would have to suck her in to blow her out. He said not worry, he had it covered. We got back to the shelter that night and Tarak pulled out a bag of money. I don’t know where he and Grog got it but I told him I’d need every bit to make this work. A con like this takes setup. I told them my plan and I went to work.

We spent the next few days hanging out at the Grinning Vulcan. Thuku was on bouncer patrol. He watched each one of them; studied them like a predator. He watched as they performed crowd control. When it all went down we’d know who to take out first and what they were capable of.

Grog watched the crowds. He knew who were regulars, who was likely to jump in, and who cut and run at the first sign of trouble.

Tarak was on bar patrol. He watched the bartenders and made mental maps of the facility. He knew where all of the doors were, even the ones that they didn’t broadcast. He noted choke points and defense positions. He “accidently” wandered into the back coming out of the bathroom. When the dren hit the vents, he knew exactly where we needed to be and where not to let them get to. He even managed to get behind the bar by having Grog and Thuku create a distraction. He found the gun he knew would be there and noted it’s location. He knew exactly where he needed to be seated when the hammer dropped in order to snatch it from the bartender as it came out.

I chatted it up, drank, spent money, and made friends. Youda’ thought I was a regular. I played it smooth, these cats didn’t have a clue that the devil had moved in. Jemma finally came my way, just like I had planned it. I had flirted with her in passing but made no moves. She was a bit of a whore and I could tell she had a taste for yours truly. I spent the night with her and banged her like the dirty pig she was. I had that cow right where I wanted her. The next night, I would take everything she had.

Game night! We huddled up over the fire in our shelter and drew up the plan. Turns out Jemma was a crazed gambler and wildly overconfident so I decided to go for broke. “We’ll take the whole frelling bar”, I said. The guys just looked at me. I assured them I could do it. She was a frelling good gambler and this would be touch and go but with a little luck (ha!) I was convinced we could do it.

Sixteen hours we played. She was frelling good. If I hadn’t done my homework, hadn’t banged her, hadn’t cheated, we’d have lost our asses. I worked it like never before. I wasn’t playing for money, fame, or fun. This was survival. I couldn’t live out there in that shelter anymore. It would have been a drenhole anywhere else but it was a five star resort as far as Denchar went. Sixteen hours and I finally drew her in. She was out of cash and I was playing it smug. Her ego was throbbing like a great big angry boil, so I decided to jam a needle in it. I pulled out the ace up my sleeve I put there the night before. I made a crack about frelling her like the night before and felt just as disappointed in her performance. She was furious and got up from the table. She walked off to a private spot in the bar, cursing and yelling at her sycophants. I let it stew a few moments, let it really sink in.

I had to get her back to the table and have her risk it all. However, even with my pile of winnings, I didn’t have enough to back a bet for the bar. That wouldn’t be a problem, her ego was so wounded I knew exactly what to offer. I sent over one of her whores with “the offer”. I put my freedom and my pile of cash up in exchange for the bar. One hand, winner takes all. She couldn’t resist the chance to throw my arrogant ass in chains; I bet she didn’t even care about the money at this point.

I won’t lie, I cheated. I let the fortune magic flow and I took that hand and the bar along with it. Their was a moment of silence and chaos erupted. I took cover and the boys went into motion. Tarak dropped the bartender as he pulled his gun. He strategically shot the bouncers in the order Thuku had told him. Thuku pulled his disrupter and took out the other bouncers. Grog was on crowd control. I made sure our winnings didn’t disappear in the flurry. Grog would give a hard time later for not fighting but Tarak praise me for keeping my eye on the money. Jemma got away and I’m quite sure she’s not happy with us. However, I’m willing to bet she’d like nothing more than to have me gang raped by an army of Klingons.

We reopened the place in short order. Tarak didn’t want to miss any potential profits. Grog rounded up some slave girls and I set up the gambling area. We got some bouncers and bar tenders and classed up the place a little.

There are all sorts of little stories about this place I could tell you but lets save that for another time.

Care for a game of cards?

The following stories were originally GM only but I have decided to post them to share with our fans. They shed light on things that have happened and/or are about to.

Secret Training

Against the laws of the Bene Gesserit, my mother taught me how to see into myself and to expand my consciousness into the flow of the universe. She said I had “the gift”. My father was not fond of this as he feared the wrath of the sisterhood but she had assured him that I had a role to play in the future of the Furyan people and that I would need her training to survive. She had experienced some sort of vision. My father trusted her and supported her decision.

I also learned the basics of Boevye Puti (means “Martial Way”; basically Furyan Kung Fu) from my father along with some of the mystical aspects of chi. He worked me harder than the other kids. I thought it was because he was my father and didn’t want to show favoritism but I later realized that he was preparing me for whatever vision my mother had experienced.

Not a dark secret but it’s something I don’t talk to other people about for obvious reasons.

Mother’s Love – Alyr’s First Dark Secret

As Skywatch burned and the klaxons bellowed my mother rushed me to the cargo area. As she shoved me into the crate that would be my salvation she imparted me with endearing sentiments. She also implanted something deep into my brain. I don’t know what it is but it has something to do with hidden knowledge. No one knows what this is or that it is even in my brain. I have never sought to find out what it is for fear of it leading to my demise.

Their is something on Furya that Zhylaw wants, badly. It is hidden and he has not been able to find it. My mother knew of its location and she planted it in my brain. Zhylaw actually beamed my mother onto his ship just before the station was destroyed. He tortured her and she gave up what it was but never gave up its location. He knows she had a child but did not find out what happened to him. If he ever figures out that its me, he will stop at nothing to rip the info from my brain.

Don’t F with the Sith

The Starjammers and I had just finished a hit on a Black Sun transport. Word has it they were bringing in a huge shipment of Melange. It would have been very profitable to have snagged it but Corsair was adamantly opposed to dealing with any drugs; especially as nasty as this stuff was supposed to be. We were close Citadel so I asked them to drop me off for a little RNR. The rest of the crew had other plans and I wanted to pick up my ship anyway.

I met up with some of my Syndicate buddies and we partied late. I was feeling it, but I still had my wits about me. I was going to need it to take care of the twins I had left with.

I’m not sure of the details but things went south about as fast and horribly as any situation I have ever been in. I was talking to one of the twins when a flash of red light shot across her throat. The smell of burning flesh and hair filled my nostrils. Her head fell one way, her body fell the other. As her body dropped, it slipped from my grasp as if in slow motion. Standing there was one of those other galaxy aliens, a Zabrak I would later find out, with a double bladed laser sword. He actually growled at me and I’m not too proud to admit that I was a bit scared. The girl next to me screamed and clutched my arm with a death grip. I was speechless. I keep saying to myself, “pull your gun, pull your gun” but my hand would not move.

In the club, hesitation leads to masturbation but on the battlefield it leads to a cold hard grave. That thing held up his hand and the two of us shot across the room I swung around to take the blunt of the blow; I would all too soon regret that moment of altruism. We hit a stack of power cells and I had the wind knocked out of me. The girl jumped up and ran. I couldn’t move but I was trying like hell to will my hand to pull my disrupter. That thing just smiled and whipped his laser sword at her. It spun through the air and literally cut her in half.


That’s was it, I had to get my dren together or I was next. I leapt to my feet and whipped out my disrupter as one seamless move. I opened fire with wild determination. That freak of nature caught his sword just as my bolts were landing and he started deflecting them. In all directions at first and then they started whizzing back at me. I did a combat roll behind some crates and when I came up he was gone.

I let out the breath of air I had been holding sense I had gotten to my feet. “Whew” I thought, “he split”. Then I heard something land behind me. As my sphincter squeezed tight, I shot over the crate. I didn’t think about it and I sure as frell did not turn around. I heard the blade of that thing sizzling through the crate as he stuck where I had just been. As I finished my dive I hit the ground and rolled to my feet facing him. I popped off two shots without aiming. He deflected the first one and the second one hit his sword and shorted it out. “Hah” I thought but I knew better than to gloat. I kept pulling the trigger. I hit him once more but he managed to sidestep the others. This dude was wicked fast. Losing his fancy sword must have caused him to take a few seconds to get his dren together. But just then, every bit of ground I thought I had just gotten he took back.

He reached out and I thought I was going for another flight. I braced myself and steeled my grip on my disrupter in order not to lose it when I hit whatever was behind me. Unfortunately that was the wrong defense for what came next. He blasted me with lightning. Yeah, that’s right, frelling lightning. It stung like the devil and launched me into the air anyway. I laid there for what seemed a long time but I’m sure it wasn’t. My brain was screaming, “Get up! Run! Fight! Do something!” but I simply couldn’t move.

He landed over me, one leg on either side at about my waist. Grinning that evil frelling grin of his, he grabbed my jacket. “That was your last run boy. You’re interference with Price Xizor’s operations are at an end. Time to die.”

I have no clue what nasty little trick he was about to pull next because I finally got my dren together. I came up and struck him in the nuts. Then I hooked his knee and flipped him off me. I kicked up to my feet and planted one in the side of his neck as he started to rise. I hit one of his nerve clusters which stunned him for a few seconds. I followed up with a flurry of blows; body shots, knife hands, punches, and kicks. He was taking a pounding and I really thought I had him on the ropes. He looked like he was about to keel over. So, I proceeded to get really stupid.

I stepped back and asked him if he’d had enough or if he was going to make me kill him. He responded with a big ‘ol blast of lightning. Except this time he didn’t let up. He kept pounding me with it.

After what seemed like an eternity he let up. I don’t know if he ran out of juice, got tired, or was getting ready to do something worse. Somehow I found the strength to act.

My training at the Yoshinti Institute flooded my mind. Torel Mai’s words echoed through my brain. “One day you will face an enemy you cannot beat. One who will best you in every way. You must give into the flow of fortune and trust the fate of the universe.” I let go and let fate guide my hand. I closed my eyes, yanked my backup Phaser, slipped it to maximum and fired.

The beam hit somewhere important because klaxons sounded and lights began to flash. The gravity gave out and we started to float. I looked up at him and he seemed angry and confused. Then the force field sealing the hanger gave out. We shout out towards space. I have no clue what happened to him but I was able to grab a stray conduit and when I left the hangar I was swung around to the outer hull of the station. The field shut and the conduit was cut. I was in space, unprotected on the surface of Citadel Station. Frell, I thought, some fortune. Just then a hatch opened and two maintenance droids came out. I worked my way over to the door before it shut and I cycled the airlock. Precious life support shot in and I was safe.

I worked my way back to a hospital and spent the next couple of days in recovery for my extensive electrical burns. I haven’t seen that sith cat since and I hope his ass got vented.

The Colony – Alyr’s Second Dark Secret


I don’t know how you found out but I guess it doesn’t really matter at this point. Look it, if I’m going down, I want to tell my story first. I want to go down for the right reason and not some made up dren.

Kevas and I were scouting areas of interest. We were looking through records of failed colonies and “dry” claims. We kill the record by slicing into the system. It was easy there was little to no security on a dead claim. Then we’d check out the site and if it was something we could work with. We’d plant some transponders that were designed to fool scanners into detecting whatever it was we were selling the claim for. Then we’d reenter the site into the system as a new claim. New claims popped up on prospector’s system right away. We’d usually get two or three commos within the day and we’d invite them out to look at the claim right away. This scam worked every time. By the time they found out we’d hustled them, we were long gone.

So, we came across an active claim but it was listed as decommissioned and contaminated. However, it lacked any of the proper inspection reports and it had some tight security on it. We got curious and decided to dig in and see what could find.

It was a mining colony on Acheron LV-426 owned by Weyland-Yutani. It was really strange because they were the big dogs of the colonizing industry. You’d expect them to have all of their records in order and such but this was a mess. They didn’t have any data on any form of contamination. Their were no injury or death reports. Colonists had been dispatched but none returned and to top it off, the families back home had been paid large compensation payments. Furthermore, their hadn’t been a shipment to or from the system in nearly a year. They must have also paid off the inspectors because the case was closed but their were no records of any inspections. It was really weird and we should have left it well enough alone. Problem was, we were very close to the system and if turned out that it was an abandoned functioning colony, we were about to get very rich.

We arrived on site two days later. We scanned the planet and found exactly what we had expected. Their was a colony there all right. Several large sophisticated buildings and a fully functioning antimatter power plant and a small space port. No communications, no contamination, and no life forms. This place had simply been abandoned. We landed and scouted it out for a day.

Everything still ran and other than some tidying up, the place was in great shape. We already had several buyers waiting to hear back from us on potential claim sites so we whipped up some bogus paperwork and brought all of them to the colony. We figured they could all pitch in and we could make one big ass sale. They were going for it hook, line, and sinker. We were looking to make millions and all we had to do was get out of there before anyone from Weyland-Yutani showed up.

It was perfect! And then everything went to hell…

We were three days into touring the facility, signing paperwork, and celebrating with our new “friends”. We still needed to get the funds transferred and we were literally hours away from a clean scam and several people had going missing. We tried to get the accountants to finish up and we’d be on our way but they felt it necessary to find their people first. Frell it, we figured we’d help if it would speed up the process. We were on an unknown deadline after all. “Find their people, transfer the funds, and get the frell out.” Yeah, it was a fine plan, all except for what happened next.

The missing people were the tech team that had set off to inspect the reactor. “Great” I thought, “we missed a reactor leak on our scans.” So we gathered up a small crew, donned some hazmat suits we found in the facility and headed down to the reactor. We got there and their was no detectable leak and the computer diagnostics were all in the green except for two systems. On the lowest three levels of the reactor, the environmental systems were wacky and unresponsive. Also, none of the scanners were working properly for those levels. Their was some sort of bizarre interference. We gathered our gear up and headed down cautiously.

When we hit the first of the three troubled levels we came across something that’s hard to identify. Some sort of biomechanical dren covered everything. It was as if the entire area was some sort of organic structure. The temperature was high and the air was thick. Oh, and the smell, I’ll never forget that smell. They began to pick up life forms and assumed it to be their colleagues. The signals were week so they rushed in. I grabbed Kevas by the arm. We decided to hold back and wait a few minutes. Then it came; phaser fire, screaming, and some sort of inhuman screeching. We looked at one another and in an instant we knew what we had to do. We took off up the stairs. We weren’t walking and we didn’t look back once.

The colony you see, sat on top of a hive of some type of alien things. Some type of biomechanical monstrosity. When Kevas and I got back to the main quarters we found a massacre. Those things had already killed everyone back there. Tore them to pieces. It was the most gruesome thing I have ever seen and I have seen some dren. The fools in the down in the reactor area were also xeno meat.

We hauled ass for our ship and just as I thought we were going to make it, one of those frelling things dropped down between us. I fired my disrupter and took its head clean off. Its blood sprayed out and covered Kevas and some of it hit me. Kevas literally melted before my eyes. He was trying to scream but his vocal chords had already been melted. The dren was burning the frell out of my arm and face and two more of those things dropped down across the room. I took to foot burned and them on the the run. Just as I was reaching the ship, I looked up and saw several more heading towards me. I cycled the door and shot in. I looked back to Kevas as the door shut. His thigh was showing bone, his right hand was gone and most of the right side of his face was melted away. He looked at me, reaching out for help, and crying out in muted agony. Before the door shut I put him down.

I shot to the cockpit and dusted off as fast as I could. Their were a couple of those things on the outside of the craft but we had anti-boarding systems that made quick work of them. When I got into the black, I noticed one of the client’s ships in orbit. I hailed them but no reply and scans showed no life forms. They left it completely unattended and on auto pilot. Hell, the shields weren’t even up. I was just about to leave but inspiration took me. Instead I beamed over and… No; it wasn’t to steal anything! I set a course for the reactor and beamed back to my ship. The client’s ship struck the reactor and blew everything for 10 squares miles into the atmosphere.

Frell you xenos!

I was the sole survivor. My former master and friend Kevas was gone. I was alone and injured but alive. At that moment everything changed. I decided to start a new life; a life that did not rely on potential danger at every turn. I set my ship on autopilot and headed for the nearest space station.

Why is this a Dark Secret

Three reasons:

  • If Weyland-Yutani ever finds out that it was me that destroyed their precious asset and destroyed a multi-billion dollar facility, killing will be to good for me.
  • If the authorities ever find out that I was responcible for the deaths of all of those colonists (our clients) I will be in some real deep doo doo.
  • People in general will look down on me as being a disgusting individual who’s greed and ignorance cost the lives of so many innocent people.

Also, my character feels guilty for all of this. It’s why he has flashbacks. It’s also why he has a phobia of caves.

I Find a New Master

It was during my training in the Yoshitoni Institute that I met my new master. Torel Mai provided me with Prana-bindu training and instructed me in the weirding way. At first she was resistant but as soon as she realized that I had “the gift” we began training in earnest. With the Syndicate having the only male who knows the weirding way, they have a powerful tool.

She has not taught me the sexual stuff yet but it is her next goal. Getting sent to Denchar sidelined the Syndicate’s plans for me. With that training, they would like me to imprint a powerful and connected Orion leader. It is a matriarchal society after all. The imprinting combined with The Voice would allow me to influence Orion policy in favor of the Syndicate. I know nothing of these plans.

I never talk about this training to anyone outside of those that already know. It is not really a dark secret but I have been told to keep it on the down low.

Q&A With Alyr Torin

What planet is your character from?

What species is your character? Describe them physically.
Furyan. Genetically modified human descendant of the Eugenics Wars. Looks like a human in peak physical shape.

Does your character have any habits or mannerisms of note?
Likes cigars; especially Vorta Vor’s, the best Romulan cigars money can buy. Always tips, usually over tips. Works out religiously.

What is your character’s main motivation?
Money, especially other people’s. Prefers to win it from them; usually involves a level of trickery.

What is your character’s favorite foods/drinks?
Drink: Raktajino or Kanar depending on the time of day.
Food: Tojal in Yamok Sauce. But only once in a while, it’s exceptionally rich.
Oddly prefers replicated food over “real” food. He hates all of the impurities of unprocessed food. He really hates charred food, like the crap cooked over an open flame. Why would you ever settle for less than perfection?

What are your character’s most and least favorite things?
The feel of a fresh pack of cards is nearly as comforting as a hot, wet, eager, snatch.
Being stuck planet side. Being in space is so much more comforting. Having to go without creature comforts. Camping sucks! This colony sucks!

What about your character’s psychology?
He’ll take your money in a game of chance. He’ll pick your pocket. He’ll rob you at gunpoint if necessary. However, he’s always polite and he always loses gracefully. “If you can’t lose it, don’t put it on the table.”

What is your character’s single greatest fear?
Getting stuck planet side with those fucking things! (xenomorphs from Alien).

What is your character’s highest ambition?
He would like to steal that planet killer weapon the Empire keeps talking about.

Greatest love?
So far Galaxina is the closest he’s come but she wasn’t quite it.

How does your character feel about the United Federation of Planets?
What a bunch of stiff, boring assholes. Pompous, arrogant, hypocrites. I hope the entire system burns.

How does your character feel about the Empire?
They are also a bunch of fascist mothers. To actually come over into our part of the universe and start kicking us around is some bold shit. I have seen the horror they bring. The Federation sucks but these guys are pure evil. I hope these fucks run up against the Necromongers and they wipe each other out.

Who does your character hate?
The Necromongers. Killed my parents, destroyed my home, and caused me to be a slave. Xenomorphs!

Where do your character’s loyalties lie?
His crew mates. Honor among thieves and all that jazz…

Is your character in love?
Kind of. He loves Galaxina but more like a best friend (with benefits). She is basically the same way.

He’s not against it but his lifestyle isn’t really conducive to it. Consorts, sluts, and porn chicks will do until then.

What three words would best describe your character?
Clean, Charming, Shady

How would your character’s parents describe him?
A willful child who could negotiate any situation. Generally honest with those he respected but ruthlessly ambitious to all others.

Does your character have any regrets?
Not killing Jeto Malta when he had the chance. Ever setting foot on “The Colony”.

How does your character make a living?
Runs the gambling tables at the Grinning Vulcan.

Are they frugal or do they blow their money?
Blows money like crazy.

What is your character’s opinion of slavery, piracy, assassination?
All fine with caveats:
Slavery: Treat the slaves well.
Piracy: Kill only when necessary.
Assassination: Sometimes you just gotta’ shoot a bitch.

If you could, what advice would you give you character?
Let the Wookie win.

What type of cool stuff do you want for your character?
His ship, sword, and droid. Other than that, neat James Bond type gadgets. Oh, and a force shield belt. He can’t deflect blasters like those freaking Jedi.

What big dreams do you have for your character?
Chances to play in big games to win/lose big money. Plus, the opportunity to attend big events and mingle with important people… So he can get at their money.

What, if anything, would make your character retire?
A debilitating wound. He’s addicted to adventure and excitement and if he couldn’t live life on the edge anymore he might just fly into a black hole.

What, if anything, would make your character go completely bad?
It would be tough to say. He’s fairly well adjusted considering his family was murdered, his planet was destroyed, he was a slave, and he had to live by the sword. If he was going to go completely bad, he probably already would have.

If you could choose, how would your character die?
In a duel. Or flying into a black hole on a rocket cycle!

Alyr Torin

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