Pedric Graff


Human Male
Naval Officer


Pedric Graff was born on Coruscant, and always knew he’d been meant for a grand destiny. He attended the Corrida Academy and served with distinction during the Galactic Civil War. When Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor, Graff was one of the first officers of the new regime to accept the Empire, and it was a great honor when he was assigned to Lord Vader’s personal fleet.

Captain Graff now leads his own task force of three star destroyers and all of their support craft. His primary role is policing the new Imperial territories gained after the War. It was in this capacity that Captain Graff first encountered that damnable Jedi. The fugitive was aiding a small free trader in smuggling supplies to a local population that had been deemed rebellious. The supplies would allow the rebellion on the planet to continue, and Graff’s job was to end it. His failure was due to the unexpected appearance of a Jedi, who slaughtered his men in the ensuing skirmish.

The only reason Lord Vader didn’t kill Captain Graff was due to the Sith Lord’s respect for the capabilities of the Jedi Knights. Graff was reprimanded and told not to fail again. Graff has since trained a Corp of highly trained stormtroopers whose primary task is capturing any and all Force users to be taken back to Lord Vader. If that one Jedi doesn’t happen to survive his intended capture, however, so be it.

Pedric Graff

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