Nexus Nu'vari


Yahg Male
Commodities Broker

“I see Paradise to my right, Hell to my left, and the Angel of Death behind me. That leave you in front and I plan to walk right over you.


Nexus has always been a criminal. He grew up being one, and he expects to die as one. He’s been an assassin, a smuggler, a terrorist, and a pirate – and he was always the one in charge. Now he runs a shadow depository on Prybella, the Vault. With his new ‘allies’, the Scarrans, he feels nearly unstoppable – but he knows to keep an eye on his new ‘friends’.

Not many people cross a being like Nexus, but the one that stands out the most to him is from a few years ago. He’d sent some of his more impressive thugs, Nausicaan twins (not that most can tell any of them apart anyway), to shake down a debtor for the funds she owed. However, a Jedi got involved and cost him his men. The dabo girl has since paid off her debt, but there’s a new one on Nu’Vari’s books – this Jedi owes him for two good soldiers and all the time he’s had to spend looking for him.

Episode 15

Escaped the Purge of non-orions from the syndicate and fortified his instalation against syndicate reprisal. It is believed that he also stole hundreds of millions of slips of latinum from the syndicate that were stored in his shadow depository. A price of 20,000,000 slips of latinum is on his head.

Nexus Nu'vari

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