Human (Clone) Male
Imperial Stormtrooper
Galactic Empire


A gladiator of some renown in the Denchar arenas, Morkov’s allegiance is to the Jik-fenya gang, and he has settled countless disputes and blood-feuds on the sands of the fighting pits. He is a master in the use of twin sword styles and is also quite handy with the duelling pistol. His continued survival is due in large part to the constant attentions of the HECATE program, and it is reputed that fully 80% of his body has been augmented by it in some fashion… allowing him to keep his edge in the brutal arenas of the penal colony.

Episode 4

Morkov was the first contact point between us and the Jik-Fenya. Though we attempted to garner an audience with Sixty-Six, leader of the gang, Jacen’s attitude clearly caused that endeavor to fail – miserably. Alyr did what he could to salvage the situation, and nearly succeeded. In the future, any other attempts to speak with this gang might be better accomplished with the absence of Jacen.


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