Orion Female

Dead rip


Minx is an Orion, but managed to evade the normal fate for her kind by being a space boomer. She’s traveled to Rigel VII, the home of her parents and her adopted planet of birth, but she loves being in space and exploring the unknown. Now, she’s a freelance explorer and scout, usually working for whatever corporation will hire her to seek out strange new worlds for exploration and exploitation.

She met Jacen a few years ago, when they struck up a conversation in Club Nox on Citadel Station. The two discussed at length the various worlds they’d each visited, and shared a fewer pointers about dealing with the various threats out there.

Currently, she’s stuck on Citadel since she lost her ship in a game of sabacc. She’s hoping to sign on with a company that’ll giver her a chance to earn enough money to buy another ship of her own – something with enough range that she can get back to doing what she loves.

Episode 10

Minx joined the crew of the Heart o’ Gold since she needs to put together enough money to get a new ship.

Episode 14

Like many others, Minx died during the Great Tribble Tragedy. She is survived by her ship, now in the hands of another.



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