Old Rival of Alyr


Klingon-Human Hybrid Male
MMA Fighter

“My reputation must precede me. I can’t abide people lurking in the shadows when I arrive.”


Mar’Duk is the child of a human prostitute and an unknown prestigious Klingon. When she became pregnant with his child she kept the child and tried to blackmail him because of it. He gave in for several years because he was unable to break away from his duties. When Mar’Duk’s reached 12, his father was finally able to deal with the situation.

When he found the former prostitute he beat her senseless and airlocked her. He was about to do the same to the boy but the child put up such a fight that he did his father proud. He found he could not kill the young warrior who had a heart as ferocious as his own. Instead, he sold the boy into slavery to give him a fighting chance. He told Mar’Duk, “Fight your way to freedom and if you still wish to die, find me.”

Mar’Duk did manage to gain his freedom and has since joined the MMA circuit as a pro fighter. He is a beloved champion in the middleweight division and has grown rich with endorsements.

Mar’Duk was the first person Alyr defeated in the slave pits. Alyr and Mar’Duk have fought on several occasions during their slave days and Mar’Duk has never been able to best him. Alyr is in fact the only human Mar’Duk has not been able to best. He hates this and looks eagerly to meet him again so that he might satisfy his honer.


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