Mae'valla Talyn


Andorian Female
Science Officer

“Ultimately, you must forget about technique. The further you progress, the fewer teachings there are. There is no secret ingredient.”


Lt. Talyn is a Starfleet Science Officer. She specializes in both life and social sciences, and she’s had Starfleet Prime Team training. After a notable career in Starfleet, which included a skirmish during the Empire War, she was chosen to join a covert mission to the Denchar Penal Colony. They were to investigate a collection of artifacts that were reportedly under the city Xebec’s Demise.

They beamed down in a lightly populated part of the city, dressed as natives, and made their way to the sewers. The team never made it to the reported artifacts – something in the sewers was stalking the team, and started to pick them off one-by-one. When there were only three of them left, Lt. Talyn made the call to retreat to the surface; she was the only one to make it. As she raced to the exit, she heard whatever it was closing in. As she burst through the archway to the outside, everything went black.

When she regained consciousness, she was shackled and a Gorn was standing over her. She struggled to get free, but was unsuccessful. The Gorn said something and laughed, but stopped abruptly. Someone was coming. Talyn turned her head to see, but a kick from the Gorn sent her into darkness once more.

The next time she came too, she was lying in a bed under covers. A Human sat in a chair nearby, watching her. He said he’d been glad to help, and that she should call for her friends to pick her up, motioning to her communicator on a nearby table. He then wished her luck, said he was getting a bite to eat, and left. Lt. Talyn got beamed out, and was debriefed.

That was a year ago. Talyn is still in Starfleet, is now a Lt. Commander, and is a department head aboard the USS Nelson. She’s been trying to discover what was so important about those artifacts under Xebec’s Demise, and which culture might have left them. She still wonders about the Human who helped her, and why he didn’t try to escape.

Mae'valla Talyn

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