Lenara Tam


Trill Female


After failing to qualify for a symbiont, Lenara Tam left Trill to start a new life with new dreams. She was young, and although the Federation provides all that is needed, it doesn’t provide the finer things in life, as she soon found out. She needed money, so she did a few holo-porns to make some money, but got out of that business as soon as she could – not that she minded the activity, she just knew that she’d burn out if she stayed. So, trading on her fifteen minutes of fame, she did some dancing (stripping) in some clubs and toured farther and farther from Federation space.

She eventually arrived at Citadel Station, working as a dabo girl in one of the bars. In her spare time she studies botany and likes listening to music from all over the galaxy (just the more upbeat stuff, not that opera drenn).

She met Jacen Daasa when he was passing through. He’d wandered into the club she was working. She spotted him as a mark and immediately set about separating him from his coin, but there was something about him she really liked. They spent time together over the next few days, talking about various places they’d both been. It’s been a few years she’s seen him, though the crew he was working with still shows up at Citadel from time to time.

Lenara Tam

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