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Dr. Emille Lazarus Bencarda was one of the Federation’s greatest bioengeneers. He was lightyears ahead of the competition, and this put him on the radar of Starfleet Intelligence. Recruited at the age of 27 he had nothing but great things ahead of him. Unfortunately he gained a conscience and stopped producing bioweapons for use agianst the Dominion and the Cardassians. He was sentenced to a reeducation camp deep in the Klingon Empire. After the invasion of Tress during the Empire War, he was liberated by Stormtroopers and joined the Imperials. He designed numerous viruses that would target Vulcans, Romulans, and Klingons but ignore other species. He also tailored specific genetic viruses that could kill a single family based on DNA but ignore all others.

During the Battle of Truno, Dr. Bencarda was captured by the Cardassians. After the war he was turned over to the Federation and received the ultimate sentence of life in the Denchar Penal Colony.

In the Colony, nobody messes with Laz. He is a known gene thief and has the ear of most of the gang leaders in Xebec’s Demise. His lab is THE place to go for genetic modification, cybernetic implants, and synthetic drugs that are tailored for the indivual.

His labs are guarded by a dozen highly trained killers and two robotic defense systems that are armed with high-velocity chemical projectile weapons.

Episode 5

Through A’dala Zim’s request, Laz was taken off of Denchar aboard the Fearless. Though unlikely to stay with the party past Commerce 01, he will need to be watched until his leaving, if only to ensure that the party remains safe. Tarak, especially, should be on his guard around this gene thief – especially if the interest that Cate has shown in his genetic structure has any validity.

Episode 6

The good doctor left the group’s company on Commerce 01. His whereabouts are unknown.

Episode 31

Teaming up with A’dala, Mopey Joe, and Jormu; Laz robbeed The Farrakhan Bank and Casino taking over 60 million T’chak.


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