Kylee Hanaran

Tarak's Cohort - Retired


Bajoran Female

Type Location Amount
Latinum, Bar (¤20,000) Travel Pack 1
Latinum, Strip (¤1,000) Shoulderbag 0
Latinum, Slip (¤10) Utility Belt Pouch 240
Gear Notes
Babel Microbes

Babel Microbes
All Weather Poncho
Stun Gloves
Personal Force Shield
Wrist Communicator

Utility Belt

Bajoran Phaser Pistol
2 Pairs of Hand Cuffs
Photon Grenade
PADD: Digital Paper

Heavy Shoulder Bag

Night Glasses
Multi Tool
4 Kilos of Dolamide with 4 Blasting Caps
Orion Mining Goggles
4 Force Grenades
Engineering Tricorder
Filter Mask w/3 replacement filters
1 Bar of Latinum
240 Slips of Latinum

Field Kit
Gear Notes
Fire Paste 1 Decaliter, 10 uses, in tube, (x3)
Lighter battery based, 500 lights, Disposable, (x2)
Prepackaged survival food 1 day (3 meals), (x10)
Towels, synthetic, (x2)
Gloves, heavy
All Weather Sleeping Sack

Kylee was a resistance fighter against the Cardassians during the occupation of Bajor. Having lived a childhood of war she knew nothing else and so she joined with the Maquis when they too went off to fight the Cardassians. Eventually she ran afoul of a Starfleet ship and was sentenced to Denchar because of her involvement in a number of bombings on various spaceports that traded with the Cardassians.

Her life on Denchar has been one of a living hell. Captured by the Slashers on Noob Night, she was raped, humiliated, and tortured numerous times. Eventually they sold her to the Ghouls where she escaped, only to be recaptured by the Slashers again. They subjected her to things that are far too horrible to describe. Eventually she was sold to the crew of the Grinning Vulcan, where Tarak freed her and gave her a job. As a former Resistance fighter, she will always be accepted as an equal in Tarak’s company. Perhaps someday she will overcome her inner demons and be able to get vengeance against the Slashers.

Episode 4:

Tarak acquired Kylee as a cohort. and gave her his Orion Disruptor Pistol

Kylee Hanaran

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