Kira Nerys


Starbase Commander


The current commander of Deep Space Nine use to be a Bajoran resistance fighter. She is close friends with Tarak who was part of her Maquis cell during the Cardassian occupation.

Episode 6

The group met the Colonel when they arrived on DS9, through her friendship with Tarak. Alyr attempted to charm the good Colonel, but alas was unable to seal the deal.

Episode 7

Colonel Kira had her hands full dealing with all of the diplomats aboard the station, as well as the irate spacers who found their journeys delayed when the station went into lockdown. The brawl in Quark’s Bar (instigated apparently by Klingons) as well as the attack on the Heart o’ Gold (also by Klingons) didn’t make her life any easier. When her old friend Tarak showed up screaming obscenities, she had no choice but to have him arrested, to Odo’s delight. Things seem to have gotten a bit quieter now, but there’s still more time before the summit is over.

Kira Nerys

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