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The leader of the Gurlacs is known to be a hot tempered monster. He has earned the respect of the gang through sheer over the top feats of violence. He is a braggard, a drinker, and a consumate warrior. He has been accused of using poisons while fighting duels of honor. He is known to have butchered the families of those who have turned against him. Of all the gang leaders in Xebec’s Demise, Karr is the most feared.

Prior to coming to Denchar he was a Captain on a Klingon Bird of Prey. Having been captured by the Empire during the war, he was tortured to the point of death and never turned on his men. When the prison facility he was on was liberated by the Romulans he went from bad to worse. He had a death mark placed on his head by the Romulans prior to the war. So they shipped him to Denchar without a trial. His first months in the colony was spent in the dungeon of the AK’s and he experienced some of the worst that Gunner Simmons could offer. When he escaped a massive manhunt ensued. He was chased into the undermaze and assumed killed by the ghouls. Six months later he reapeared with a gang of 50 Klingons and carved out a territory for himself.

The Gurlacs are now on the verge of war with the Jolets and the peace between them and the AK’s is about as thin as monomolecular wire.

Episode 2

Kevlac Karr was killed by Tarak in the battle between the Gurlacs and the Jolets. What was left of his body was given an honorable Klingon funeral.


Kevlac Karr

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