Rexar Kaleth


Klingon-Andorian Hybrid Male
Starfleet Operations

He was at the Battle of Kalandra Sector along with Karr.

Dead rip


Episode 6

Karr ran into this old friend while drinking at a cantina on Commerce 01. Rexar was out of work and stranded without money, so Karr offered him a place aboard the Heart o’ Gold. Rexar has proven to be a capable pilot and crewman. So far he has fit in well with the group.

Episode 7

Rexar brought to the crew a treasure map and the location of an ancient Bajoran Temple. The crew decided to investigate, leading several of them to be trapped within the tombs duty passages. They’re still looking for a way to escape their predicament.

Episode 9

Rexar helped the crew on both the rescue of Satele from the USS Iriquois and the rescue of the prisoners from the Denchar Penal Colony. He has truly become a valued member of the crew.

Episode 14

Rexar commited the ultimate act of loyalty, and jettisoned the Heart o’ Gold’s warp core even as he knew the act would kill him as well. Too bad it didn’t work, and his loss meant others died because he wasn’t still around to help.


Rexar Kaleth

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