Twi'lek Zeison Sha Adept


Zeishon Sha Adept


Overlay Career: Zeishon Sha Adept
Childhood Influence: Padawan
Adolescent Years: Psionic

Tour 1: uncharted space exploration
Tour 2: Wartime: War: on the front (Empire War/Planetside)
Tour 3: Fugitive Tracking

Toko’Na is a great friend of Karr. She was trained as Zeison Sha. She uses a disc blade along with her telekinesis. She is very resourceful and has a high level of survival skills. She has ties to the Jedi. She has fought against the Empire.
She and Karr met during the time that USS Vanguard was in Empire Space. She and Karr had a great romance. Toko’Na and Karr work together on helping Karr work with his psionics.
Toko’Na was traveling on a ship, when it got pull into a wormhole. After surviving the travel in to this sector of space, began traveling and exploring the new area.
She has fought against the Empire on the planet side. Afterward, she book passage on ships as hired worker. She doesn’t have problems with slavery but doesn’t usually take any.

She was working with Karr and YunDarr on finding out and passing on information about people being arrested for using the force. During the time when Karr was captured, Toko’Na was able to get away.


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