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Theoretical Engineer

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Karr List . (updated 3/30/2012)
replacement armor
Balt leth

PADD digi-tool

Klingon Armor (House of KarrKorr) replaced

Utility belt
Arm Bracers
Data chip (Mom msg)
Money: 1 bar of Latinum(*20,000)
In belt pouch: Alterium =5,400 credits

Karr——In My Quarters/Room

Forgery Kit
Tattoo Equipment
Klingon Imperial Armor
Force Screen Belt

Mek leth

Backpack, 1 cubit
Blankets, natural fiber, (x2)
Towels, synthetic, (x2)
Gloves, heavy
Gloves, light
Leather sacks/bags, (x2)
Synthetic sacks/bags, (x5)
Micro Power Cells,
Orion Mining Goggles, (x2)
Boots, Pair

As of June 29, 2012
DP earned: 62
Dp spent
 Militant (-2)
 Mistrustful (-2)
 Irascible (-2)
 Latent Psionic (-3)
 Code of Honor: Hardcore Prison Rules -5 change to lvl -3 (-2)
 Wrongly Accused: Butcher of the House of Krawles (-3)
 Scorned: Klingons (-2)
 Exile: Klingon Empire (-4)

TK increase 3
Meditation Skill 1(2) 3
Sexual Technique (Submissive) 2(3) 3
Receptive Telepathy 3
Dodge inc 3
Dodge inc 3
Projective Telepathy 3
Rebuy Well Endowed 1
Unarmed combat: Phindar Streaka adv man (takedown) 0(1) +2
Unarmed combat: Phindar Streaka .speciality(Stomp) ….0(1) +1
Weapon Draa Velve +3
Skecthing 1
increase TK a level 3
increase Projective telepathy a level 3
battletrance 3
first aid 3
Ship 4
Levitate 3
Redshirts +2(boarding party, +1 Specialized)… 3
Redshirts +3(science- med party, +1 Specialized)… 4
3pts toward First Aid 3

DP Spent = 72, as of 9/7/2012 (Ep 26)

DP earn since 9/7/2012 = 21 (Ep 27-35 except ep 30/32) as of 11/14/2012
inc psi 2p

get adv maneuver (to add psi blast phindar streaka )….. 2p
get adv maneuver (to add psi blast bat’leth ch’k poul) 2p
get adv maneuver (to add psi blast mok’bara) 2p

I wish to buy the following:
Thought bomb 3p
increase charm 3p
increase psi blast 3p
increase athletics level


I am Karr. I stand at 6’10 and 275lbs. I am a former Starfleet engineer. I am a Klingon and Vulcan hybrid. I have arched eyebrows, pointed ears and teeth that are more Vulcan than Klingon. My father is Karr-rel (Klingon) and my mother is T’Kau (Vulcan). Karr-rel is a member of the Great House of Ka’Kor. The Great House of Ka’Kor has been building for the Empire for millennia. The House is known for their engineers, architects, and builders. The House of Ka’Kor has long been the preeminent designers of the Empire’s greatest advances.
T’Kau is a V’tosh ka’tur member. The V’tosh ka’tur are a cult of Vulcans that embrace their emotions. They reject logic. She chose this road after failing the Kolinahr, an effort she had undertaken after the failure of the Army of Light. My parents are mercenaries. They serve the Empire and worked where they were needed. My parents’ current location is unknown to me. I have worked with my family as a mercenary fighting for different clans in the Klingon Empire. It would seem that since both Klingons and Vulcans prefer warmer temperatures and I am no different. I prefer to keep the tempature of my personal quarters high. I also like to set the gravity of any space that I occupy alone to 1.254g. That is approximately the same as the Klingon Homeworld.
I have gained many honors in the realm of engineering and fighting. I attended both Kil-Rut-Nor and Starfleet Academy. Kil-Rut-Nor is an engineering school in the Klingon Empire. I graduated from Kil-Rut-Nor with high honors. I have a high level of computer training having graduated from the Daystrom Institute
I am known to be hot temper but I am an excellent combat engineer. He is known to be an exceptional fighter with a short temper. I have been known for many things. Somethings I have earned and others that have been thrus upon me. And yet there are things that I am known for, that are “lies”.
I am also known as the ‘Butcher of the House of Krawles’. It is believed that I was the cold-blooded murderer of the women and children who had lived in the home where I had been stationed to protect. Security forces arrived at the house as I was coming out of a drug induced bloodlust. I was exiled from the Klingon Empire and I am wanted by the House of Krawles. I told the High council that Dur’rak and the Duras sisters had framed him.
I serve in Starfleet from 2367 to 2387. I served as combat engineer during the Dominion War and was a hero at Battle of the Kalandra Sector in 2375. I must admit the battle was “glorious”. I fought off at least 250 enemies. I was able to hold off the enemy while my allies were able to get aid. I spent 5 days playing “hit and run” tactics with them and using their own tech against them. I use their sensors to make the enemy think there were hundreds of us. I admit my hunger for battle was satisfied….for a while at least.
I served under Captain Archer on the USS Vanguard as the Chief Engineer. There have been and I guess there will always be attakers after me. I remember, in 2381 there was an attack. I was nearly assassinated by a team of crack killers. Captain Archer gave me the order for redesign. So the engineering section of the USS Vanguard was transformed into a fortress within the ship.
I am also known for my actions during the Battle of Valldon in 2383, during the Empire War, where I delivered the Dominion weapon that closed the wormhole. I was able to deliver after I modified the delivery shuttle. Once I was able to make the shuttle into a heavy “damage taking” box, I was able to guide my way in. I enjoyed a trip to Risa for that.
There have been a lot changes in Starfleet since the Empire War. The Federation has been going though a new order. After witnessing the changes of Starfleet since the Empire War, I resigned from Starfleet while facing severe scrutiny from Star Fleet Intelligence.
Since I left Starfleet, I have spent sometime traveling. I have caught up with a friend of mine name YunDarr. He is a wookie. I have spent time at Citadel station. I have been enjoying my time with the ladies. I admit that I enjoy good wine “bloodwine” and women. There is nothing better than to drink “bloodwine”, eat very lively “guck”, fighting a good fight and finish the night with a woman. You could call it one of my hobbies.
Some of my hobbies also include collecting exotic personal weapons as well as inventing them. I like to do physical fitness training. I enjoy training in the holodecks.
I have spent some time using my great computer skills to monitor and tracking the arrests of genetically modified peoples who have been arrested by the Federation. I have taken that information organized the data for use by various groups of rescuers.
When I was discovered, I was sentenced to Denchar as a terrorist. I have been working at the Grinning Vulcan on Denchar. At this place, I do repairs on equipment and I work on tattoos/piercings at the bar.
I have an extensive family with scores of cousins, uncles, brothers, and sisters on dozens of worlds both inside the UFP as well as in the Uncharted Territories. Some ofmy family treats me well while others view my supposed actions against House Krawles as proof that I am an Honorless Dog worthy only of death.


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