Kanz Grooth


Sangheili Male


The pirate Grooth was feared in the Federation for many years; fortunately for the UFP, the Romulans captured the pirate, experimented on him, and eventually sentenced him to Denchar. He is known to run with the The Ghouls and has a taste for the flesh of sapients – preferably Human. It is said that he is unkillable as he has been shot and stabbed on numerous occasions – he once even had an arm amputated, and a day later was seen fully healed. Most people in Xebec’s Demise just avoid this monster, but a few seek him out to hire him for assassinations – and worse.

Episode 5

We encountered this pirate in the Undermaze. Not as bad as his reputation made him out to be, he dealt with the party rather diplomatically. He even came to the groups aid when they were ambushed, though he remained behind on Denchar to stay among his ghoulish friends.

Kanz Grooth

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