The Fourth Doctor's Robot Dog


K-9 Mark I, is the creation of Professor Marius in the year 5000. K-9 subsequently traveled with the Fourth Doctor and Leela as a companion of the Doctor. K-9 decided to remain on the Doctor’s home planet of Gallifrey with Leela.

Although the first incarnation of K-9 does not appear again in televised Doctor Who media, he is the star of the 2009 K-9 television series, in which he undergoes a sort of “regeneration” process from which a new, more sophisticated and futuristic K-9 emerges;1 in the first series of K-9, the character is transported to London c. 2050 by Professor Gryffen (Robert Moloney). Though on regeneration the character loses his memory of his adventures with the Doctor, he assists Gryffen and several teenage companions against a dystopian regime of “The Department”. The upgraded K-9 has new specifications, sporting a sophisticated head-up display, the ability to fly, and more powerful laser weapons.

K-9 Mark II. More mobile than his predecessor, Mark II exhibited the ability to sense and warn others of danger. He traveled as a companion alongside the Doctor and Romana. When the Doctor and Romana travel to the parallel universe of E-Space, K-9 is severely damaged. The damage was such that K-9 could only function in E-Space; when Romana decided to stay and forge her own path, the Doctor gave K-9 to her. K-9 was seen alongside the Eighth Doctor. He had returned to Gallifrey with Romana, then Lady President of the Time Lords.

K-9 Mark III. Was presented to former companion of the Doctor’s Sarah Jane Smith. Over time Mark III had fallen into disrepair and eventually sacrificed himself to stop a plot by the alien Krillitane and defeat their leader.

K-9 Mark IV. The Doctor presented Sarah Jane with a new K-9 to encourage her to continue investigating alien activity; the Doctor “rebuilt” him after the Mark III’s sacrifice, implying that he had the same mind and memories as his predecessor while still being a “brand new model”.


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