Gang Leader

She is nearly eight feet tall and very rotund


Jormu was born on Denchar. She is clanless and honorless by Klingon standards. She is tough, mean, and not opposed to raping someone she wants. She has a distinct hatred for Tal Sharesh and an even more passionate hatred for Gunner Simmons. This stems from the days when she was sentenced to the arena for death trials. She fought and killed for months until she earned her freedom.

With the recent death of Kevlac Karr, Jormu has become the leader of the Gurlacs and entered into an alliance with the Jolets.

Episode 4

Jormu has taken her leadership of the Gurlacs by both reins and is proving herself capable. She seems to prefer the idea of no overall leadership in Xebec at all, but is wise enough to know that that’s not a sustainable situation. She’ll back us in the attempt to set up a council for the city, but I suspect she’ll argue for the Gurlacs to have a prominent role in whatever is set up in the end.

Episode 9

Upon their return to Denchar, the crew learned that Jormu had been taken by Dr. Moset to his ship, to undergo whatever foul experiments he had in mind. The crew was unable to rescue her, and her fate remains uncertain.

Episode 25

Jormu escaped but not before suffering extreme brain damage and biomodification.

Episode 31

Teaming up with Laz, Mopey Joe, and A’dala; Jormu robbeed The Farrakhan Bank and Casino taking over 60 million T’chak.


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