Human Female
Gang Leader/Ex-Marine


Jolet was born on Rigel VII, and eventually joined Starfleet as a Marine. She had a distinguished, but short, career. She fought in the Dominion War on the Betazed/Bolian Front, where she suffered an injury that caused her to resign from Starfleet.

After a long recuperation, she decided that she didn’t need to be in the military in order to find adventure, so she set out as a treasure hunter. Her questing eventually took her a remote planet – unfortunately, she didn’t realize that there was a Tal Shiar observation post on the planet. When she was discovered, she was sent to Denchar to keep her out of the way.

Since she arrived on Denchar, she’s put her skills and training to good use. Most of the other gangs victimize newcomers and women – Jolet decided to organize a group that would help them instead. Her group – named after herself – has steadily grown in numbers and in power. They feel large enough now that they can make some power grabs, though she’s aware that they’re not yet ready to tackle the AK’s.

Episode 2

While mourning the loss of her lover, the Gurlacs attacked her and her gang at the graveyard outside the city walls. Though the crew attempted to broker a peace, fighting ensued, during which Kevlac Karr, the leader of the Gurlacs, was killed by Tarak. Jolet was able to stop the fighting at that point, and Alyr was then able to successfully negotiate a truce and alliance between the two gangs.

Jolet has taken a shine to Alyr, and seems to be interested in furthering their relationship.

Episode 4

Jolet is busy with the fighting inside Xebec, but she is interested in backing our play to set up a council of leaders in place of Tal Shuresh’s solo rule. Hopefully, she can keep her people alive long enough for us to set everything into motion.

Episode 5

Jolet remained on Denchar. Though they wanted to bring her along, the liklihood of her wanting to evacuate her entire gang made it impossible for the crew to tell her of their escape attempt.

Episode 9

She was among those rescued from Denchar by the crew. She has decided to make her own way in the galaxy, and departed at Citadel Station.


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