Joe Simmons

Mopey Joe


Human Male

Hey bud, can you buy a guy a drink?


Better known as Mopey Joe, this poor alcoholic is the whipping boy of many Xebec’s Demise residence. He seems to be very well informed and knows alot of the ins and outs of the gangs that control the more southern parts of town.

Joe is from the 20th century and was one of the humans kidnapped by the Romulans during their social experiment of long ago. He was found a few years ago, frozen in a cryopod, and reawoken by the colony’s EMH. Though he is technologically primitive, he has proven to be a survivor and perhaps smarter than people realize.

Addendum: Joe crossed paths two or three times with personnel working for Blackeagle Security and Investigations in his duties as a cop. Joe’s partner was killed in the line of duty while responding to a security alarm. Though he has no proof, Joe’s gut is telling him that Blackeagle was somehow involved. Through his investigations into the matter, one name has turned up: Matthew J. Carter.

Episode 31

Teaming up with Laz, A’dala, and Jormu; Joe robbeed The Farrakhan Bank and Casino taking over 60 million T’chak.

Joe Simmons

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