Jimbones Jim

Karr's Cousin - T'Dala


Vulcan-Klingon Hybrid Male
Petty Criminal


Jimbones Jim is the first individual that the Q entity told Karr that he needed to find.

Episode 6

The group encountered the sad-sack Jimbones Jim as he was incarcerated in the security center of Deep Space Nine. It turned out he was a distant cousin of Karr’s. He has promised to give Karr the information he has provided his bail was paid for, which Alyr took care of immediately – with the understanding that standard Syndicate terms applied.

Episode 7

Karr bailed out Jim, with the help of Alyr, and learned a set of coordinates, which are apparently the key to the next step of Karr’s journey. The coordinates are those of a planet on the far side of the Klingon Empire, and it seems like Karr’s uncle may be there.

Episode 9

He departed the crew at some point, though precisely when is uncertain. Hopefully the information he gave Karr was complete; otherwise, the crew may have to track this scoundrel down in the future to see what other information he might have.

Jimbones Jim

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