Jhargren Dhal

Syndicate Slaver


Human Male


Jhargren Dhal was born to a wealthy family living on Rigel VII, and has grown into a dilettante determined to do nothing more than gratify his own desires. Currently, those desires include finding lost, ancient treasures, but in the past they included piracy, entertainment, war profiteering, and slavery.

He even had a very short stint as a porn star. He quit the business after Alyr Torin beat him senseless for roughing up Galaxina. He got his revenge when he convinced the Syndicate to look into Alyr’s winning streak as a professional gambler. Even though he cost Alyr a great deal of money and got him in trouble with the Syndicate, he still hates him and will actively pursue any action that will cause Alyr trouble. So long as he does not have to engage Alyr directly.

He is fond of using green Orion women as his slaves, as he is immune to their controlling pheromones. Most of his slaves don’t last long, however, due to his cruel nature – many slaves perish under his whims.

On a recent visit to Denchar, he acquired a Togruta Jedi slave that he intends to play with before delivering her to those that paid to have her acquired. He had also gotten hold of another slave, one that he is certain holds the key to a treasure he’s seeking, but was thwarted from keeping her by a resident inmate of the prison. Jhargren is currently plotting on ways to recover that slave, and to obtain vengeance on the Jedi that cost him this particular prize.

Jhargren Dhal

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