Jada Pin

Orion Syndicate Enforcer


Orion Female
Plaything / Former Syndicate Enforcer


Jada is one bad ass bitch. She works for the Syndicate and if she is sent to see you, you’re in trouble. She doesn’t come to bring you in or collect money from you. She is a messenger, a messenger of pain. The good news is that she won’t kill you (intentionally); the bad news is that you might wish she had.

As part of Alyr’s indoctrination into the Syndicate, he had to accompany Jada on a mission to deliver a message to Barty Banks. He resisted and his boys got involved. Alyr and Jada got a little roughed up but they succeeded in their mission. To this day, Alyr is still in awe of Jada’s skill and ferocity. If asked, he’ll tell you “Don’t mess with Jada, she will frell you up! That is the toughest bitch I have ever met.”

She was last seen by Alyr, on the arm of Barty Banks heading out aboard the Starlight. The Syndicate has put a reward out for her capture along with Barty.

Jada Pin

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