Inara Ulanna




She hired Ananzo Maxeen to help her find soul crystals. She needs 13 of them for some unknown purpose.

Episode 1

Seems to be the leader of Maxeen and his Gem’Hadar soldiers. Her search for soul crystals seems to be even more important to her than escaping Denchar, as evidenced by the fact that her group has been marooned for well over a year and they have made no apparent effort to find a way off. They’ve agreed to form a temporary alliance with the crew to get off the planet – but will they leave if no soul crystals have been found? Or do they perhaps already have the required crystals and are only hoping for more before they can get off the planet?

Episode 9

The crew finally returned and managed to take her off of Denchar, though without Maxeen and his Jem’hadar soldiers. She departed the crew upon arrival at Citadel in order to continue on her strange mission. She gave the crew the coordinates of her next destination, Byzantium Secundus, and told them to look her up should they be in the region.

Inara Ulanna

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