Gorn Male


Hlees’thak enjoys hunting. Mostly big game, but the occasional sport hunting will satisfy him as well. He’s also a warrior; during the Dominion War, he primarily did salvage work as a spacehand, but he quickly tired of caving in the skulls of arrogant shipmates who thought he was just another stupid ‘grunt’. He picked up some work protecting a Ferengi merchant for a time, but when the Empire War broke out, he did some mercenary work.

After the war, a drunken brawl on Deep Space Nine led to the revelation of his special ‘gift’, which got him sent to the Denchar penal Colony. He’d been here for some time, learning the new territory, and occasionally getting to hunt in the sewers. When he found that Andorian bitch, he thought he’d get to have some fun with her before setting her loose in his favorite part of the sewers so he could have the pleasure of hunting her down. Unfortunately, a Human, Jacen Daasa, intervened and caused Hlees’thak to back down. Hees’thak doesn’t understand how or why he did it – he only knows that the burning shame of giving in like that must be avenged.

To that end, he’s started gathering a crew and has started working on a plan to get off this rock. When he does, he’s going to find that Human and that Andorian, and he will finally get the pleasure of hunting them both.


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