Gunner Simmons


Human Male

You want’a piece of this action, then get in fraking line

Dead rip


The main henchman and second-in-command of Tal Shuresh’s gang in Zebec’s Demise. Gunner was a Captain of the Starfleet Marines when he also became a spy for the Obsidian Order. He betrayed his men for a few bars of latinum and caused the deaths of millions. He was handed over to the Romulans for interrogation and later sentenced to the Denchar Penal Colony.

He has earned the nickname Duranium because he seems unkillable; he has survived dozens of attempts on his life.

Episode 1

He fought a duel to determine control of the South Entrance to the mines with Brother Sum. When issuing his challenge, Gunner cut off his own ear – it had returned by the time of the fight a few hours later. During the fight, Gunner seemed as instoppable as a machine, and seemed to be playing with Brother Sum, until he tired of his sport and finished the fight brutally.

Episode 3

We fought him, and we killed him. Hopefully, his death will give Tal Shuresh reason to pause. Otherwise, his death may lead the AKs to step up their actions against us. In either case, life in Xebec’s Demise will surely be more interesting now that this bastard is gone.


Gunner Simmons

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