Dr. Elisha Cole



There is no justice in a law which prevents doctors from healing people with serious illnesses


Dr. Cole is wanted throughout the Federation for her numerous experiements into genetic modification. She runs a complete biological laboratory and hospital on her ship, the Telltale Heart. She is amazingly wealthy and a renowned philanthropist spreading healing technolgies to many colony worlds. She also produces bioengineered medicines that can cure genetic recessions and fix numerous genetic diseases.

Tarak has hired Dr. Cole numerous times for various services. He has also performed hundreds of medical deliveries for her.

Episode 9

Though she was rescued from Denchar by the crew, while there she had been enslaved by the Slashers. She has not been seen since Jacen left her in Tarak’s quarters after the escape.

Episode 10

The crew transported Dr. Cole to Commerce 02, where she was able to rejoin her own ship and crew. Extremely grateful to the crew for their efforts on her behalf, she leaves on good terms to return to her philanthropic ways.

Dr. Elisha Cole

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