Klingon Female
Gang Member

“I’m tired of your dren, go have you period in a shark tank”

Dead rip


Daughter of Dorr and her deceased mother, T’Killa. She was raised on Denchar and is a member of the Gurlacs. She was trained by her father in the traditions of the House of Daa’Maq, as well as in the martial arts of mokbara and bat’leth chk poul. Due to her father’s tuition, she has become a star player in her own stead in the Xebec Jugger League.

Episode 5

When the party gave her father an opportunity to strike at the Federation and Starfleet, this hot-blooded warrior chose to stand by her father instead of leaving Xebec’s Demise for safety. She is a Klingon warrior that many could be proud to have at their side.

Episode 9

Dorra was among those rescued from Denchar by the crew. She left the crew with her father, Dorr, at Citadel Station, and is likely traveling with him back to the Klingon Empire.

Episode 10

Dorra continues to follow her father, and joined the crew on the Heart o’ Gold as well.

Episode 14

As always, Dorra follwed her father, and died during the Great Tribble Tragedy. Does Stovokor accept those who fall to plant eaters?



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