Klingon Male, Xebec, Denchar


Klingon Male
Pirate/Warrior/Jugger Player

“I’m a veteran of many intense surrenders”

Dead rip


Dorr is an old Klingon male. He was a member of a pirate ship that was captured by the Romulans and sentenced to Denchar over 50 years ago. He had a wife, T’Killia, who was killed by Carter, and a grown daughter named Dorra.

He is an inactive member of the Gurlacs. He was mentor to the leader of the Gurlacs, Kevlac Karr, years ago, and is a known grand master with the bat’leth. He held the title of Champion in the Tri-Gauntlet Cup for years, and is an expert jugger player in the Xebec Jugger League.

Episode 5

Karr spoke with Dorr before leaving Xebec’s Demise to head into the Undemaze. Though he was fatalistic when he learned of the Black Blood Syndrome infesting the city, upon learning that the crew had explosives and access to the industrial transporter grid in the Undermaze, this old warrior got a new gleam in his eye as he contemplated striking at the USS Neptune. It may well have been his plan and explosives that led to the Fearless escaping the Denchar system.

Episode 9

Dorr was among those the crew helped to escape from Denchar. He departed the crew on Citadel, and is likely headed back to the Klingon Empire.

Episode 10

Rather than return to the Klingon Empire, upon hearing the crew’s intentions to perform a bit of piracy, the old corsair chose to sign on to the Heart o’ Gold instead.

Episode 14

This great, old warrior fell during the Great Tribble Tragedy. No songs will be sung to mark his passing.



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