Darth Vader


Human(?) Male
Galactic Empire
Sith Lord

A huge man that is always seen wearing a black cape and black armor. His helmet has some kind of respirator, and when in his presence his heavy breathing is quite apparent.


Little is known about the commander of the 501st Legion – and what is known only raises more questions. It is believed that the word ‘Darth’ represents some kind of noble title but no one knows for certain. Reports of Vader using Psi or Force powers have been unconfirmed, but it is known that he carries a ‘lightsaber’, the ritual weapon of the Jedi cult.

Sources claim that Vader is second-in-command of the fleet led by Grand Moff Tarkin, and that Vader’s ship is called the Super Star Destroyer Executor.

Episode 7

The crew encountered Ambassador Vader during the diplomatic conference aboard Deep Space Nine. The Ambassador even aided the crew as they were attacked by a renegade Klingon Captain who was determined to capture Karr. Jacen is certain the Ambassador used to be a Jedi Knight, though can this knowledge help the crew?

Darth Vader

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