Darth Stryfe


Zabrak Male
Sith Acolyte
Sith Empire

“The secret to victory is you must pacify the mind while making the heart savage”

Dead rip


Darth Stryfe is one of Darth Vader’s most promising students. He has been an active part of a covert campaign being waged by Lord Vader to sow dissension and confusion among the Federation and its allies. When not engaged by Lord Vader for this mission, Darth Stryfe is usually seeking out any enemies of Lord Vader’s Empire, either for capture or to be destroyed.

Stryfe encountered and fought Jacen Daasa on an out-of-the-way space station. Though Daasa managed to defend himself, Stryfe takes pleasure in the fact that the Jedi was taken completely by surprise. It means he’s weak, and the next time their paths cross, the results will be different.

Episode 14

Darth Stryfe fell on the planet Litigara as he faced the survivors of the Great Tribble Tragedy from the Heart o’ Gold. He will not be missed.


Darth Stryfe

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