Cort Enzor


Human Male

“You really want to play this game? You know I brought backup.”

“War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.”


Cort Enzor is little more than the standard Dencharn – petty thief, violent, and opportunistic. Cort has decided the best way to serve his own purposes is by selling information on everyone else in Xebec’s Demise – particularly to those individual’s enemies. One might think that this would lead to a short life for Cort, but that would ignore one thing – Cort is very good at what he does, and most find his services outweigh the possible downside of him selling information to the enemy.

Cort is also very hand with a knife – a byproduct of his early days, fighting for survival. It’s a skill he maintains by practicing on newcomers when they arrive, happily taking part in the Grand Hunt, the practice of hunting down newcomers instituted by the AK’s.

Episode 3

According to Gunner, Cort is the one responsible for the AKs learning so quickly that we were the ones responsible for the alliance between the Jolets and the Gurlacs. He also told Tal Shuresh our names as he infomred on us about the weapons and equipment we had acquired. He’ll have to be dealt with…

Cort Enzor

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